how much on advertising

Discussion in 'Industry Surveys & Polls' started by lpkatsavage, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. NC_Irrigator

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    We probably spend 3,500+ per year

    Our Website
    Yellow Pages
    Postcard Mailings
    Jobsite signs
    Co. Logod Workwear.
  2. NMS0219

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    I have been in business for years so my company is pretty well know so I spend about $1200. That gets divided up into 2 different newspaper ads and some direct mailings to the address around my current customers. I do the direct mailings myself so it only costs the postcards and stamps. When I do estimates I write down the address on either side, and accross the street this way I have a data base of potential customers. I have gotten some good results out of the news paper but I will warn you that you do get alot of calls from people fishing for prices and kicking tires on "big" landscape jobs.
  3. daisylawn

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    I just purchased some new business cards. Last year I had some printed up from a local print shop, they made 2 different sets and both looked horrible. I found a new place online called . They are great looking business cards and super cheap!!! 500 for 24.95!!!! I recommend spending the extra 4.95 for the glossy! They have a lawncare theme section to choose from:)
  4. group501

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    Probably between 15-20,000 this season. Last season was around 11,000.
  5. BD Bone

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    Daisylawn, just thought I would inquire if you have your own logo? I am curious to know if you used the cards to do anything door-to-door as well. Thanks.

    BD (Wife to Big Daddy .. in the business)
  6. Uranus

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    Last year, about $900. got up to 46 weekly mowing accounts. I'm solo and try to keep my spending down, But when I do buy equipment its top of the line. This year I spent a whopping $27.50. One week in a local free paper. I'll advertise for a 2-3 more weeks once all this snow melts. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR A FOOT OF SNOW TO MELT DURING MARCH. I hope it melts soon!

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