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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by turfman33, Nov 4, 2003.

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    I just been down to my local fertilizer supply store and they told me that I should charge around $7-$9 per 1000sq ft. Is this right? That put's the price way up when it comes to large property. I asked a client of mine how much he was spending per quarter on fertilizer and weed/bug application. He said $60 per quarter. He has 1.3 acres. Going with the $7-$9 per sq ft comes out way above $60.

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    From the sounds of it, you aren't even prepared to be applying products. You realize you need a license, don't you?

    These posts never cease to amaze me.
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    P.S. Don't you see the same question posted a few threads down????
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    Then be amazed, I can spread anything that doesn't have a caution on the bag in Florida. Don't worry buddy I have researched and spoken to the right "LAW" people about all of it. I don't break the rules and above board.

    Anyway, I thought the Lawn site was meant to help people out. Espeacailly the Older more experienced lawn guys helping the likes of us smaller ones. I'm sure you had to start somewhere right. I dout you grabbed a spreader and started spreading without sorting out how much to charge and what to do, to do it right.

    Sorry I upset you with a question.

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    Steve, dont take it personally. Its just that there is a search function on lawnsite. If you use it, the answers will come. PS, 7-9 per k is high, unless there is no stop fee.
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    We get $40 per application for a standard size lot but only if we do annual lawn care. We work mostly in Seminole county. We do our commercial accounts by the Sq Ft. Good luck.
  7. tennissippi

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    Wow...that is extremely high in any market. The price generaly goes down with more sq. footage...let say $125-$150 per acre.

    I charge $3 /K with a $20 service charge on all accounts. Usually, I drop the service charge if I'm spraying more than acre.

    Good luck!
  8. gwwilson

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    i charge between $135 - $165 per 1.3 acres
  9. kinda depends on what quality of product you use?
  10. Doster's L & L

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    I did the math on this. @$135 you charge $2.21/K and @$165 the charge is $2.92. Is that the going rate where you are from?!?! Good grief man! That's low ballin'! Your area must be just crawlin' with guys that spray. Evreybody is cuttin' everybody's neck to pick up business i am sure. But if yo are one of a few businesses spraying, you gotta charge more. atleast 5-6/K. You have to figure you spent $$$ on education, license, insurance, charter plus all the time you spent in school. all of this cost you serious $$$ and you gotta figure your time is worth something too. Another Really big thing is that ou are exposing yourself to chemicals which is a health threat. you can get some chronic sh@# messin with this stuff. The only way that i can figure someone can half way make some profit is that if they are spraying neighborhood upon neighborhood without skipping a house. This is just my .02. I hope this is valueable to you and yours.

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