How much profit did you make your first year?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by sticklelm, Dec 18, 2012.

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    Here's a question, because I know there is a CPA on the board somewhere.. but if you've got a company credit card that carries an ongoing balance of say $25K+ that you can never fully pay off without exhausting all capital (money in the bank) available to cover daily and monthly expenses such as utilities, rent, supplies, payroll, do you ever really have PROFIT to pay income taxes on or are you just continuing every month to month hoping that one day something will happen and you'll be able to put that first penny on the wall in the frame?
  2. 205mx

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    I'm pretty sure those expenses are not deductible until you pay the bill for them.
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  3. nylesedwards

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    My first year I grossed $12,000 and made a net profit of $8,000. In my first year I just did grass cutting and did around 8 mulching jobs. I layed around 50 cubic yards. Plan on netting $20,000 this year
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    Not sure if we are doing good or bad, but we at least are making enough to live
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    Because you are a cash basis tax payer, I'm guessing you have deducted the the original $25,000 of expenses in the year they were purchased. You would only be able to deduct the interest paid on the credit card payments going forward if that is the case.

    Example: Had $30,000 in gross receipts and $10,000 in regular expenses (paid in cash) in year 1. Also charged $25,000 in equipment, tools, handhelds, etc. ASSUMING you took bonus depreciation and 179 expense on the full $25,000, your first your loss would be ($5,000).

    In Year 2 and going forward, all payments made on the credit card would not be deductible because you took the entire expense upfront in Year 1. Only the interest portion of the payments (assuming it wasn't 0%) would be deductible in Year 2 and beyond.

    You should really strive to pay that balance down. It will be hard to keep much for yourself in a low margin business if you have large amounts of your cash flow going to interest payments.

    Hope this helps...
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    I'm really wondering how many of these answers are confusing a lot of things like net income (profit), owner salary, revenues, expenses, etc.... Like, "OH, I did 20k this year and I have 6 in the bank! I profited 6k!"
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    In what capacity
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    Took a loss the first year bought new equipment cash so my expenses were high I don't mind I'd rather not have some bank in my pockets every month.

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    First year was a loss , i would look for every write off posible , and invest back into your business as much as possible , will pay off in the future.
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    First year we grossed 80k about 65K was in before the year ended the rest carried over into the next year we do fall clean ups deep into Dec here. We put 65k of our own money into the company to start with as well. So the first year we saw 130k move into and out of our bank account and of that each owner got about 7k when all was said and done. This was 2003 it wasn't a loss but wasn't much better than break even either.

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