how much revenue can you gross in 1 hour mowing.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by RSK Property Maintenance, Jul 19, 2013.

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    like it says i'm just wonder what other people gross in 1 hours time on their mowers hour meter. me personally with 61" cheetah with a 34hp kohler and dull gator blades which i think slow me down. I did cut 6 lawns in 1 hours time on my mower. which grossed me 300 dollars plus tax. I used 20 dollars in gas, only putting 1 hour on the machine, went through half a tank in the trimmer which is probably less then 50 cents probably closer to 25 cents in the trimmer, and about 1.50 of gas in the back blower. idk if its the lawns i was cutting or what but i went through 3/4 of one tank, I double cut for about 15 min total over the course of all 6 lawns. and i don't charge customers for trimming. but if their are lots of obstacles then the price goes up accordingly because the mowing takes longer, and all these lawns were within a half mile except one which was 3 miles away so i park my truck for all of them except the far one. so the truck burned 4 dollars of diesel. this is a best case scenario for me. normally i can crank out 250 dollars of mowing in an hour.
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    I mean you have GOT to be trolling dude.
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    $20 gas in one hour. That's around 6.5gph. Cheetahs burn about 1.8 gph. I assume based on your description you are talking about a days work, not an hours work.
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    That makes more sense...
    The problem is there are so many inconsistencies in that story it is just begging to be ripped apart so I'm not sure I want the bait.
    Which is why I said it had to be a troll.
  5. OakNut

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    So nearly 50 lawns a day? Sweet. I think I need to get me one of them zero turn thingies.
  6. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    I understand what you are saying 1 hr on the meter on the mower.
    You put a total 1 hr on you mower to mow 6 lawns so you avg is what 10mins per lawn mowing.
    You say you don't charge for trimming. Then why even trim them if you are not going charge for it. Why even blow things off if you not going charge for it.

    Your mower didn't make you 250 Your truck your mower your trimmer your blower made you 250
    Because if you didn't trim and clean up you wouldn't have the job ,Right?

    my mower gross is $70 that's just the mower in 1 hr knock out $5.00 in gas knock out my pay 15 My mower net $50
  7. RSK Property Maintenance

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    your right my mower didn't make me that money, the truck, trailer, mower, trimmer, back pack blower, my business as whole did. yes my average is 10 mins a lawn. I guess i do charge for trimming, but not very much because the trimmer costs very little to operate, replace, and maintain. unlike the mower.
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    i recorded the hour meter when i sat on the mower for the first lawn it was at 355.0
    and on the 6th lawn towards the middle of the lawn it changed to 356.0 stayed on 356.0 during the 30 second cool down i do as well. so unless i'm mistaken that is 1 hour on the hour meter on my cheetah? and yes with the trimming and blowing driveways off and sidewalks. this was all i did for the day. did it take me 8 hours not all. but it was five and half hours total work including driving the mower 300ft up the road to the next lawn and pee breaks.

    if your hour meter starts at 355.0 on the first lawn and ends at 356.0 on the 6th lawn how many hours is that?

    it's possible i don't know how to read. you seem intelligent. so please tell me how many hours that is.

    no not nearly 50 lawns a day. is it possible yes. not with my accounts someone out there somewhere is cranking out close to 50 lawns a day. my buddy can do 35 lawns a day even 40 if they really hustle. not 50 though.
  9. herler

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    Look here, your story is full of inconsistencies, things that don't add up, you get that?
    The bit with the hour on the meter was just one thing...
    Then there's the fuel consumption...
    And this:

    You said you grossed $300 for 6 customers...
    That's $50 a lawn, for 10 minutes of mowing.
    Oh but then it says you took 15 minutes per lawn.

    And there's more, the point is when your story doesn't add up that usually means someone is FOS.
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  10. orangemower

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    So 5.5hrs total and $300 gross. That means you grossed less then a dollar a minute.

    As for your buddy, you wrote "if they" which tells me he is doing that many lawns with TWO guys and not himself.

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