how much revenue can you gross in 1 hour mowing.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by RSK Property Maintenance, Jul 19, 2013.

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    Never used a scag but mower bogging down might run more gas.

    I know everyone is giving you a hard time but you might keep a check on this. That's an awful lot of gas to use. At that rate you'd be burning $100 per day in the mower only.

    With my 60" hustler x-1 23hp I can mow a 8-9 hour work day on 4-5 gallons of gas. It might be 2-3 mower hours.
  2. RSK Property Maintenance

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    it doesn't really bog down its a 34hp air cooled kohler. you can tell its working harder on some lawns then others, but its not like a noticeable decrease. if work a 12 hour day i can put 2 hours on the mower. so 40 dollars a day, but a 12 hour day is really productive for me, that half my accounts done, maybe even more then half depending on what week it is. I definitely will look into it, and see if i find any issues. maybe because its only a 13 months old its not broken in? i'll talk to the dealer see if they have heard of anyone going through this kind of fuel in a cheetah with 34hp kohler. also i bought the mower new, and have been the only one to operate in all 356 hours it has on it, and its wide open or idle except for when i'm engaging the pto clutch and disengaging it, then its a little off idle.
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    I'd definitely check it out, my fx1000, which is 35 hp i think, on my 60" super z doesn't burn near that much even on really overgrown stuff.
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    Your mowing lawns like I do. The mowing takes relatively little time compared to the rest of the job. But I don't think its fair (to yourself) to say the mower makes you $300 an hour and 4.5 hours of the rest of the work day nets you nothing. Labor is your biggest cost...even if its just you
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    At 40 dollars our mowers would have to run for ten hours at full throttle to burn that much fuel
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    Simply double-check the fuel consumption by filling to the filler necks, record the hours, run until tanks are low, and refill at the same station, to the same point, and divide the gallons by the number of hours. I'm guessing you either didn't fill up when you thought you did, or something else is amiss here, because I can't possibly see any mower, even running in overgrown conditions, burning more than maybe 2 gph. I've checked the consumption on my 60 inch Gravely's periodically through the years, and the Kawasaki's generally burn about 1 1/3 gph, on average. I have a Kohler 29 EFI on my newest mower, a 460, and it does a bit better, averaging around 1.1 gph.
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    i will. i'm positive i fueled up in the morning, and once i was done mowing. i have both receipts. its possible the gauge could have been off. but i'll fill it up to the filler neck again, and recheck, if uses less then that's better for me correct? more profit. so it wouldn't be a bad thing.
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    Myself and a guy usually average between 40-50hr per manhr when mowing. It depends on the day and route of lawns and how motivated we are. But I know we make more per hr mowing than landscaping around here.
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    your right the mower wouldn't move without me in the seat. not really sure what i should be paying myself, but i take what i need/want. that's a good way to look at it, most of the customers i have are because a lot of other companies around here skimp on the trimming, but the trimmer costs very little to run everyday even week. and keep running. and even replace, my pricing is right next to all the local companies. a few are higher then me, most are cheaper though, and they run the 61" scags and 60" exmarks, ford powerstrokes, same 18' dual axle trailer. same back packs and similar trimmers. so the only difference between me and the bigger companies is they have a big shops, a lot more insurance to pay and employees and multiple vehicles to maintain. so my pricing for lawn is right where it should be, maybe a little low. but a 35-40 dollar minimum helps weed away customers i don't want.
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    Seeing how I can use the Z's hour meter to tell me how much I've grossed per hour I can tell you I grossed near four thousand an hour, that's totals over the past 4 or 5 years, calculating strictly by the hour meter on my Zero turn riding mower vs. how much cash my jobs brought in, that is.

    As to whether I would actually use it for myself, that's another story but it can be awful entertaining.
    Maybe next time I'll use the odometer on my car.
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