how much revenue can you gross in 1 hour mowing.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by RSK Property Maintenance, Jul 19, 2013.

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    Herler I can't get over how much dif our business models are. I see you as having many, MANY smaller accounts and working hard honest days mowing and trimming and edging and spraying or pulling weeds and talking to people trying to find more work etc etc.
    Where I go to a job and get on the mower and mow for hours on end and nothing but. Most of my accounts have to be sold on the value of trash collection and blowing clippings. These customers have huge lots. Most are some type of manufacturing or logistics and are on the edges of my town in half filled industrial parks. HUGE lots. I never see or hear from my customers after the sale. Most don't care about me, they only care when the grass ISN'T cut. I can pretty well tell you how much I'll profit this year because even if it don't rain I can go and blow dust and send an invoice and like a robot the customer pays. All I have to do is show up and mow and stay out of their way.

    For the last year and a half I have been working on our newest account for next year(I think). It is a 60 acre cemetery, another 25 acre cemetery on the other side of town which spans a valley=hilly, and a main office. 3 locations, ten thousand graves, they don't even know exactly how many they have. 85.5 acres. Won't be twoman for much longer. He has told me exactly how much they have paid over the last ten years and to who. I think we are in different worlds you and me. I totally respect you, your business potential, and you opinions here. Don't mis understand what I am trying to say. We are all going to have different numbers.
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    Fair enough but in my world a 60" Ztr grosses $50 an hour because that is the cost plus profit to run my Ztr for one hour, whether they have one acre or twenty, it costs $50 an hour to run my Z and that is how much I charge my customer so little good does it do to assume mowing grosses anything but what it does.

    It's not $300 or some other magical arbitrary figure I arrive to by whichever means, it's $50 per hour.
    Yours costs more, yours costs less, yours mows more, yours mows less, you mow faster, you mow slower, I am good with all of that.

    It takes 30-45 minutes for me to double cut an acre.
    So there's $25 to $35 maybe $40

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the end of how much the mower grosses and no matter how I look at it, it's $50 an hour.
    Give or take a few dollars, fine by me.

    The trimming is additional, tack on the blowing.
    But this part has nothing to do with mowing, the mowing was over when I grabbed the trimmer.

    The instant the key on the mower got turned off, the Z was no longer grossing income for me.
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    Mower off Trimmer on grossing your profit now LOL

    My trimmers gross a lot I did one job last week 2 guys took 2 hr each trim this huge rock ditch Since danger was high I gross 400 in the 2 hrs My guy and me never twisted a ankle or got hurt so was a good job Then went back sprayed the area My sprayer gross 400

    I never really thought about it till this thread. For a mower to pay for its self takes about 600 hrs then its paid for Takes me now 2-3 yrs for that since I run 7 mowers I have 2 mowers that paid for self about 4 times over
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    I am lost, I re-read this entire thread and I have no idea what your point is. You get $50 an hour same as me, is there something I'm not getting or is this wrong? I am a twomancrew so I bill out $100/hr and have to give a little to #2. He didn't ask what our adjusted gross income was or taxable income or net. He said "umm what should I get an hour?" I said "umm gee idk, I get $50"
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    I am out of line here, he clearly asks on the hour meter. I totally just faceplanted reading this again. Still I think we all learned something here:hammerhead: keep hitting me on the head and you will get through eventually, maybe idk it's late for me.
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    i was just wondering how many lawns other guys get done in an hour with there mower and what they gross from that. didn't think it was such a loaded question. boy did i think wrong...and yes if I add up what i gross from accounts per week then divide by the number of hours it takes including drive time, and everything i end up around 43 dollars per hour plus sales tax, and before fuel or anything else is subtracted. I guess i'm actually on the cheap end and i need to go up on my pricing. or get more accounts close to the accounts i already have?
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    I've honestly never been concerned with how much I make per hour. Every hour is different -- every day is different. Every month is different. Just as an example i get through my daily schedule much quicker in sept than I do in june because of grass growth rates, which incidentally, makes sept much more profitable than June. But also some hours/days are better than others....So the washout number is really more important than the hourly number. Having said that I will (sometimes) look at how much I made at the end of the day minus employees....but not usually.
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    ya, the bigger picture is more important. It was just something i was curious about. It seems most on here might not gross as much per hour but they do so much more quantity then me it really doesn't matter. I will get to 50-60 accounts probably next year. then I'll be busy as hell. 4 days of mowing solo. might almost be time to hire an employee when i get to that point.
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    What I'm getting at is if I run my mower for 1/2 hour, trim for another 1/2 and then blow for 15 minutes.
    Charge the customer for all of it, then claim I grossed X amount in 1/2 hour on the meter.
    The error is I did not gross that in 1/2 hour, I grossed it in the time it took me to do the whole job.
    Otherwise I just include the mulch job on Tuesday as well, even though the mower sat at my house all day.

    If I charged the customer $50 for all of it then I grossed $50 in one hour and 15 minutes,
    that is the total time it took me to do the whole job, not the 1/2 hour that's on the mower's meter.

    Granted some people have crews and one guy does all the mowing, but even then the cost of the rest of the crew has to be included,
    whatever it took to get a job done, total time and total resources, that figures in to the hourly gross.
    If one guy does all the mowing and the customer paid $300 but 4 other guys trimmed and blew and what have you...
    The mowing guy certainly didn't gross the whole $300, FIVE guys grossed $300 in how many hours and to figure individual gross we have to take the hourly cost of the machine being operated per individual and it gets technical...

    Technically and really yes we do want to get technical here because technically we still need to include the cost of the truck and trailer in driving to-from and then the cost of the estimate accounts for a tiny percentage and the trip to the bank to deposit the checks and making up the schedule all needs to be figured in that as well, if you really want to get technical, but I do admit basic scales are easier to figure.
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    Yea I'm like that.... For me it's quantity. I mostly do small residential yards. My 4 man crew can do as many as 50 lawns a day. 40 is typical. But I generally shun large yards. For whatever reason I just like the mow-and-go philosophy.....I like having lots of little eggs in my basket as opposed to fewer big eggs. There's money to be made both ways though.

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