How much RU to kill ? Spot treatment.

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by RobHawkins, May 19, 2008.

  1. RobHawkins

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    Oh my aching back!
    I'm using pure 41% Glyphosate (undiluted) to spot treat my Orchardgrass. There is mostly good healthy Tall Fescue under it.
    I'm putting on rubber gloves, putting the Glysophate in a beaker and dipping my fingers in and wiping the leaves.
    My question is... How much do I need to get on the plant to kill it? Will wiping the tip of one leaf do it? Or, go I need more coverage?
    My back would greatly appreciate your help.
  2. DLCS

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    Just read the label. :hammerhead:
  3. rcreech

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    No need to use "pure 41%" as you are only wasting product.

    Dilute to a 2-3% solution and it will be more then enough. All you need to do is get wet a portion of a leaf.

    Gly translocates through the plant so you don't need to get "good coverage" like you would need to with a contact product.

    Most grassy weeds are very easy to take out with Gly. But remember that the larger the weed size the product it will take.
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  6. RobHawkins

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    I got one of these...

  7. Optimum Lawn

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    A foam or regular paint brush on a stick I figured would work well for painting weeds with Gly.
  8. mngrassguy

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    I put a childs sock on an old golf sand wedge. yell "fore"!!!! jk
  9. RobHawkins

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    I applied the RU as described in my original post. I killed almost all of my Orchardgrass. It's dead to the roots. JOY!
    I'll look for the rest after it rains and the Orchardgrass jumps up over the Tall Fescue.
    Thanks again for all the help guys. I appreciate it.
  10. Corby

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    Great info. Wish I was privy to this formum earlier. I killed my orchardgrass with a spray bottle and now I have some really big bare spots in an otherwise beautiful lawn. My bad!

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