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  1. bdemir

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    I am in the proccess of bidding an apartment complex with only 42 dirveways and a 1/4 mile long street. How many tons would it take and what should i charge approxiamtly per ton. They want the driveways done also so i might use one type of salt for everything. My other question is could all this be done with a tailgate spreader. My last question is what would be a good rate per hour and how long would something like this take. They are 4car drives all right next to each other.

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    The first thing you need is a back plow and a v plow on the front. That way you can pull the snow out of each drive and then carry it to a storage location.

    I wouldnt want to do it with a tailgate unit, but you could. It will take a few reloads to complete the job.
    Next my best guess is that a ton of material should handle that easy, and from the sounds of things on forum, between 250-300.00 per ton applied is about right.
    Next estimate at least 150.00 per hr, but if you were to estimate say 25.00 per drive plus the road way, you may come out ahead.
    Sounds like one could do the whole deal in about 3 hrs max, x 150.00 would gross 450.00. 25.00 per drive x 42 would garner you 1050.00 and you could throw the road way in for free, shoot even 20.00 per drive would be a good deal, and still be a fair price. Try to stay away from hourly pricing, it tends to keep profit way down.
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    It sounds like Dino is giving you some good advise here. I would just like to add a few things:

    1) I would measure the driveways and streets with a measuring wheel, then use these figures to help you determine your time and salt usage.
    2) Research your "per ton/yard" rate somemore. Those "per ton/yd" rates seem high for our market. You can also quote them a "per app. rate" as well as a "per ton/yd" rate.
    3) Stay away from hourly plowing and salting as Dino advised.
    4) Provide pricing for loader services incase we get heavy accumulation like we got in December. (We provide hourly rates with a two hour min. charge)
    Just suggestions...hope this helps
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    You can apply the same principle for salt,like $10.00 a drive,and $50.00 for the road,after you plow.Would make more money than per ton.We are forced to do this as salt is SOOOO competitive here.Big lots where we dump many tons,you can add a few tons and make a few dollars.Smaller lots we price per application,and make a lot more money,especially if you are already plowing the drive.Just add a clause for ice events,or repeat applications,where you charge a site fee,per visit,or more per application,as you are not there plowing already,and they may need more salt for ice.Also this way you don't have to be as exact as far as material usage as your margins are way higher.
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    Thanks for the replys.
    At this point i dont know if a taligate salter is going t be enough for this job so i am stuck with trying to give an estimate without knowing how much i am going to pay for the salt. WIll a taliget salter cover this much salt and if yes what would you fill in for the per ton spot on the contract. THis is a managment company and they use one contract for all their properties so here i am trying to figure out every thing out their way.

  6. bdemir

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    Ok i am not going to fill in the per ton part considering they are not even going to get a full ton of salt so the next space says per time for the 1/4 ile street and concrete drives and per time for al sidewalks and porches. There are 42 4 car drives. What would you bid on this per time applied. Thanks for your reply.

  7. Five Star Lawn Care LLC

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    like Andy Said those sound like pretty high SE michingan most everyone is charging 125-145 per ton applied... i would stay away from giving tham a per application rate. what happens then is u end up getting some really cold or heavy ice night where your going to have to put more salt down to get down to pavement and then your overhead goes up drastically and u get screwed (know from personel experiance)
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    Eric,thanks for the help. So will a tilgate handle that amount of salting or do i need a vbox. Everyone is talking in tons so im guessing a vbox is tha only way.


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  9. wyldman

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    You can do it with a tailgate,it just is more work.A larger capacity tailgate (700-800 lbs) will only need to be loaded 3 times to do the property.A smaller byers or air-flo will require more loading.A v-box will take bult salt or mix,but is much more costly to buy and maintain.
  10. SCL

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    This is dependent on the type of tailgate salter you may have also. If your gonna charge less than $200 a ton you need a two stage spreader. Reason is a single stage only spreads bagged material which in our area runs around $3.25 a 50 lb. bag. Comes out to around $130 a ton and you probably want to pay for your time and spreader. To get to the cheaper figures you need bulk salt and with a tailgate spreader you're going to be shoveling. Just my thoughts.

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