How much should I charge to haul this load?

Discussion in 'Bidding, Estimating and Pricing' started by ThyGentleman, Oct 4, 2017.

  1. knox gsl

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    Correct, there is all kind if crap in their recycled mulch but I don't use it even though it's composted for almost a year because there's always fine sreads of plastic in it. I use a different product they have that is double shredded hardwood bark. Lays great and is weed free.
  2. knox gsl

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    When I was mowing and there storm debris I would haul it off and tack it on to the monthly bill. Tree and shrub trimming is just built into the job cost. Then there are landscape cleanups that may take a few trips to the dump. I just try my best to be hauling something both ways to make it count.
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    Maybe he's not like you and doesn't have to ram his head into the wall until he figures it out. I learned how to price things from a two day workshop back when I started. It's this novel idea known as "education". I now pass on my knowledge to others in order to help them out.
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    Sorry for the late reply, but I would much rather price based on experience than a two day work shop. There's no one way to bid work. Bidding is an always evolving process.
  5. Mitty87

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    Mr Hawk helped me out as well. I still had to lose on a few and I still am, but the process is much quicker with the resources on here. I've come across guys I've worked for who have been in business for years and still don't have any real system to quote jobs. If the resources are here why not use them.

    Obviously nobody here can give you a perfect system but as least some guidance will go along way. The less lowballers the better.
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    There's large companies in my area advertising less then $100 per dump load. I try not to over think what I "should" charge. If I'm not sure I do the job - then decide. As long as I'm within $50-80 hr it's plenty profitable for me.
  7. ZombieCutter

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    Call 1800 Got Junk.

    Get a quote.

    Cut it by 10 or more % if you can.

    If not, call 1800 Got Junk.

    Have them remove it

    Charge 10% Over or more if you can.

    Pocket money for 2 phonecalls.
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    $600 for a 30 yarder for us. I’m trying to find a green container hoping it’s cheaper but zero luck

    You guys are lucky we pay $80 a ton. No free dumping at all for anything
  9. Mitty87

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    There is a company here who does any size bin up to 30 yard for $125 for pick up and drop off for a week, then $10 a ton for any fill/garden material. Makes it easier to not own a dump trailer yet although they can be a hassle sometimes.
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  10. ZombieCutter

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    600 for 30 yd???????????????

    yer gettin screwed.

    315-400 here depending on weight. 315 guy includes 2.5 ton only. 400 gives 4 ton.

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