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    How much should I charge to spray all the grass with ROUNDUP then remove it and plant new sod over new topsoil, the reason im gonna spray with round up is because the lawn is invested with weeds!!! GIVE ME A PRICE PLEASE
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    what kinda sod are you going to lay? are you looking for the price to include the sod or just labor? Other question is are you licensed to spray herbicides in your state? If not your asking for trouble. If you own all the equipment to till the ground and include raking out the dead grass I come up with $2800 for labor (which includes time to spray, till, rake, and lay sod and fert), cost of roundup, and Fert for new sod. Then you would have to add in the cost of the type of sod. If you have to rent equip then add that in to the cost and show it to customer as labor costs not equipment rental.

    I hope that helped.

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    The type of sod is a good question. I bet the guys in the landscaping forum would be more help to this question. Good luck.
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    Tilling up the ground well once the sod is removed should take care of 95% of your weed problems most of the time, so no need to spray with round up though most of the industry would just to do a good job. Add your time and cost of material for spray.

    As to what to charge for labor, figure you'll need to charge at least .80 to 1.10 to cover you labor cost of $40\hr, raise those numbers higher if you wish to make more per hour. Tack on your cost for sod and dump then you can come up with a price per sq. ft for your job.

    In my area, sod comes in 9 sq.ft. rolls. @ 3000 sq ft, you would need 3006 or 334 rolls. Charge at 3006 instead of 3000.

    I will be honest with this type of question is tuff to answer. What I charge here in california, probaly won't apply to where you live.

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    just did two of these jobs one was 800 sq feet i charged 1300.00
    removed sod with bobcat brought in 3 yards of loam installed sod
    after bobcat,labour and material i made 600.00 to the company.

    the other one 3500 sq.feet same thing charged 5800.00

    dont forget the disposal charges $$$$$$
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    We do this all the time. I never waste time with round-up or rototilling the existing sod.

    We'd come in with a sod cutter (available at any eq. rental place) the first day and remove all of the sod. If you are unfamiliar with how a sod cutter works, you need to learn. You can cut the sod right off and haul it away, leaving just top soil and a nice grade. Then you ammend the soil as needed, add sandy loam, and install your new sod. This is the simplest and cleanest way to approach this job.

    We'd probably charge about $4000-$4500 for this kind of job. But as you'll read in the landscaping forum (which is where this thread should be), prices vary significantly around the country for sod installation. So for you, this figure may not be accurate. I'd figure a good two full 10 hour days of labor for two guys. Multiply that by your hourly rate. Add in the cost for sod, 7-14 yards of sandy loam delivered, dumping costs for 4-5 truckloads of old sod, cost of ammendments, and a little for a cushion. Then I'd bid that price.
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    ya what lewis said

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