How much should I charge to slice seed

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by kylegmc3500, Jan 30, 2010.

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    Ok so I got my slice seeder out this winter and got it going. Before when I slice seeded I would seed it in to directions and apply a starter fertilizer. My question is do u rake up any thatch that may be brought up and how much seed should I be using in a 1000 square foot area. Also what is the going rate if I had an 1000 sqare fooot area and I slice seed it to directions apply starter fertilizer how much should I charge for that 1000 square feet in order to pay for the seed and fertilizer and still make a little money?
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  3. kylegmc3500

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    Actually I have slice seeded. I reseed a few differnt ball fields. I was looking for some genral information on what othor ppl do. When I reseed the ball fields they are ushualy mowed so I didn't have to worry about that and when I was done there was barley any thath so I left it. But if u get to a lawn and a lot of thatch was pulled up I didn't no if you would leave it all or if there was a lot I was woundering if you would remove it. I was basicly looking to see how othors did it. I am always Looking to see how othors do things to see how there ways compare to mine , u never no if there is a better way to do somthing
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    S lice probably has about the same width as an aerator so Id charge the same for aeration plus materials and markup, plus any labor for fert if you put it down
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    IMO you should charge by the sq. ft., about .09 - .15. .09 includes slice/seed in two directions, fert. and clean-up. .15 adds pH correction and a follow-up. Also include a minimum charge, maybe $160. This service allows you to acquire a lawn care client as well. A quality finished renovation will get you many referrals.
    A quality slice/seeder is $5000.-$7000, price your job accordingly.

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  6. kylegmc3500

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    Thank you for your response I was thinking before your response it's probably worth a minimum of .08 a sq foot. .
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    I dont know if your going to rent one of these units but if you are...DONT...the blades are usually dull which makes it VERY tuff to slice good!

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