How much should I charge to sub out the irrigation system?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Let it Grow, Mar 25, 2004.

  1. Let it Grow

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    I'm working on a landscape design/install. I currently do not do irrigation work myself. I sub it out to another business that only does irrigation. How much extra should I add on top of the sub contractors irrigation bid before I submit it to the customer?
  2. monkey9197

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    yea i was wondering the same type of thing whn u sub contract how much do u make off it
  3. D Felix

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    We haven't done much subbing out of work, but generally the markup is in the 10% range around here.

    It's not a 10% profit though, if you do it right. At least at first. Even after you get to know the sub well and everything works well, you may only be looking at 8% or so. You have time involved with them, and it is up to you, as the "prime" contractor, to make sure everything is installed the right way...

  4. grass_cuttin_fool

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    That is what i have done in the past is add 10%, I still go to the work site when the sub is there because if something is wrong Im gonna be the one the homeowner is going to complain to

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