How much should I get paid.

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Pietro, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. Pietro

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    My business partner and I are 50-50 on this business. This will be our first year running a crew without either of us. I always took care of the billing. I use groundskeeper and my responsibility is to find out what jobs got done, enter the weekly cuts/jobs into the computer. Send out all invoices, get the checks from our PO BOX, make deposits (Also adding more info into the computer program)....and I keep the checkbook, paying all bills/loans. I told him I think I should get paid $500 a month for doing this. He says he feels its too much......because I only have to enter info into the computer once a week and paying our bills and doing the invoices only takes a few hours a month. What do you guys think? He was saying he would take on the responsibility, but he is nowhere NEAR as meticulous as I am with this stuff. I get bills out ASAP and invoices even faster. I dont think $500 a month is too much for this, what do you all think?
  2. ALC-GregH

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    I think you made a mistake going in on a business 50/50. Friend's and business never work out. What are his responsibility's toward the business? Turn it around and ask yourself, hum, would I pay him $500 a month to do this? Shoe is on the other foot now. Isn't doing the books and stuff part of the business? Not sure why you feel you should make more then him because your doing the books. If that's the case.
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    Why don't you guys just take care of the books together? It would give you both a perspective on how the company is doing "number-wise" and thenyou don't have to worry about being paid for it. Or if you are dead set on doing it yourself, why don't you take those responsibilities while he takes the equipment maintenance responsibilities as long as the times work out well. Finding a balance between partners is essential.
  4. ExtExc

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    keep track of all the time spent one month doing all the tasks that you listed above. say its 20 hours a month. well if you are doing things 50/50 and you both do 160 hours a month(40 a week) but then you do 20 hours of accounting. thats 340 total hours a month. thats 170 a person, so you are doing 10 hours of his "50%" of the accounting, so he should be doing 10 more hours of the labor.

    that or just add up all the hours that you do accoutning for (again say its 20) and say you want to get paid 15-20 an hour to do that stuff. $300-400 bucks a month for you to take care of it all. done.
  5. yardatwork

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    Partnership = a real stinker!
  6. shane mapes

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    Trust me it will not work if he is already fussing over the books. I try ed the same thing last year. What a mistake. Now my old partner is out on his own thanks to me setting him up and is un lic. Doing work . I hope you luck , but i don;t see it happening.
  7. ALC-GregH

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    I almost got trapped into a partnership before I got started. A good life long friend decided he'd try it doing it. We talked about it, I told him how much I needed to run the routes while he financially supported the business. He wanted to pay me next to nothing and the season was getting ready to start. Finally I told him I can't wait until he was prepared to open and needed to start working asap. When I told him I signed up my business name and got everything in line, he got pissed off. He never did to much mowing. Mainly for a Realtor local. He said he's not going to mess with it this year because he doesn't have the time.

    Had I waited for him, I'd be on the street right now. I'm glad I made the decision early when I did. I've grown again this year and things are looking good now. All I have to do is get my back straightened out and I'm set.

    I'll say it again partnerships never work out no matter how hard you both try. I'd buy him out if you can.
  8. Scagguy

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    I pay my girlfriend around $1K a month to handle ALL of the administrative duties. She will spend approx 35-40 hrs a month taking care of this responsibility. Makes life easier for me, and gives her additional income. As far as partnerships go......did it once in another line of business. I will never do it again.
  9. FourTrees

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    Split everything 50/50 and go at it yourself. You will then be able to choose how much you make.
  10. ExtExc

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    25 bucks an hour to your girlfriend for accounting work!?!? too much imho. most i would pay is 15, maybe 20 if i was large and there was an extensive amount of work involved. my girlfriend doesnt work, i pay the bills, so she will be doing it for free, or she can move out :)

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