How much should i pay?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by LawnRookie04, Jul 7, 2004.

  1. LawnRookie04

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    I've been negotiating with a guy who is thinking about getting out of the business. He has 45 lawns and a truck that he wants to sell. The lawns bring in a little over 1,000 a week. I can price the truck on my own. How much is a reasonable price to pay for the 45 lawns. How can i be sure the customers will stay with me?
  2. BCSteel

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    $4000, if you get them all, plus a no compete clause.
  3. wriken

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    Honestly I would'nt pay anything for the lawns, wait till he goes out, and solicit, or pick up the stragglers, no guarantee's that you will get or hold on to them all. My opinion.:)
  4. EastProLawn

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    I agree, some guys on LawnSite will argue this point but in my opinion, you should never pay for accounts, there are no guarantees that these clients will stay on ( not even with contracts ) they can pretty much decide who is going to cut their grass and who is not and the law will not back you up.
  5. Trevors Lawn Care

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    I would give him the value of 3 mowings... So pay 3 grand for the accounts... After three weeks you will probably lose the couple who didnt like the transfer.


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