How Much Spreader Sticker To Reduce Amine Rate?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by GREENITUP, Feb 16, 2006.


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    In the past, my R2 mix (liquid) has included Lesco three way at the 1.5 oz/1k rate. I would like to start using some spreader sticker in the mix and cut back on the amt. of three way if I can get the same results. Does anybody know how much sticker to use per gallon and by how much that will reduce the three way ounces down to per 1000 s/f ? I use a 200 gal. skid sprayer @ 1.5 gal. per minute/per 1k. It is not on the label and I can't find a good answer using the search...... Thanks.:confused:
  2. Dallas Turf

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    With 1-2 pints of sticker per 100 gallons you should be able to cut the threeway back to its lowest labeled rate and get great results for broadcast you might want to add some N to your mix which will also improve uptake.
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    Dallasturf is right on the money.

    Nitrogen will make 3-way work better, just makes even application much more important.

    I would start at lower rat of both sticker and herbicide. Then adjust from there. As summer progresses you may need to bump up the herbicide rate.

    Let us here how it works.

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