How much success should I expect?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by robkule424, May 28, 2011.

  1. robkule424

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    I passed out about 300 flyers around my neighborhood today (I've got a pretty big neighborhood) how many responses should I expect?
    I plan to pass out about 200 more flyers tomorrow as well. Is it too late to start advertising for lawn care services?

    Here's my flyer

    Does it look alright? Effective? Please don't call me phone # lol...

    I'm only 17 and this is my first year starting a lawn care business.
    What other advertising techniques would you recommended? Are Newspaper ads affective? I called my local paper and an ad is about 15 bucks. Worth it?

    How much success should I expect with it being my first year?

  2. Dr.NewEarth

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    I believe you can expect a return of perhaps 2 percent. That's possibly, six phone calls.
    Out of that you could get a couple of clients.

    It's tough. Be good at what you do and word of mouth with eventually get
    you more work too.

    As for flyers, plaster the same homes again in a few weeks. That can help some-times.
  3. Dr.NewEarth

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    More questions. O.K., newspapers can work, but usually the people who call are looking for a low ball quote around here. I don't know how it is where you are.
    Give it a try. But if you use the paper, statistically you need to advertise in it continually all season for a good return. Your ads are pretty cheap. My local papers each cost at least 50 bucks a week plus 12% tax.

    Figure out what the average rate is for doing lawns in the various areas that you service
    and try not to low ball just to get work.
    Learn all you can about the business and always give quality work.

    I'll tell you if you low ball, things could happen and you could go broke. Be sure that your prices cover your costs and taxes. Make enough extra off of each job so that
    you save enough at the end of the year to replace broken equipment.
    And also enough to cover contingency problems that may arise.

    You'll only be working for about 8 months I presume, so you need savings for the off season and enough to start up again next year.

    Write down all of your calculations so you know what you need for each of the twelve months to live on, and also what you need.

    Search: "business plans" on this site. 90 percent of businesses fail to write a business plan and strangely enough, 90 percent of businesses fail within 5 years.

    This site is excellent for information. Keep going to school too.

    I don't use yellow pages any-more. Similar problems to the newspaper

    I'm kind of tired and my writing seems to ramble tonight.

    In my first year I took on fifty residential clients. I used the newspaper for advertising.

    I went into the business having researched my costs. I figured that I required 35 dollars to cut, trim, bag and blow clean a 2000 square foot residential lot.

    The majority of clients would not accept a higher price than 25 a cut. This is what most of the competition was charging. Low Ballers, Right?

    30 dollars seemed to be a magic cut off point. If I said thirty they wouldn't go for the price at all. Any-thing below that usually was accepted.

    Low paying customers complain alot. I found that I worked harder to please pita customers for less money

    You can get a free website from Google. Try that.

    I didn't look at you flyer. Just keep at it. If this is what you really want to do,
    picture it in your mind and keep to the grind wheel as they say.

    I suggest every-one learn all they can about the plants, grass, bugs, diseases, trees, soils, beneficial insects, pesticides, pruning, equipment repairs and join your local
    landscape association.
  4. johnny_boy02

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    Dont bother with phonebooks, biggest waste ever. I learned my lesson.
  5. flyingdutch16

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    not to dissecourage you. But i did the samething last year when i started out and only got one phone call. So last year i only had one. Untill some one moved in during the summer and got that one to. Now people where seeing that I was cutting lawns, and this helped me so much for this year. Im now up to 7 accounts(all 1 acre) and am getting more and more. Considering i only passed out a good 45 and you plan on passing out 500 flyers you will probably get a good handfull of accounts. Just dont lowball I did and its hard to raise your price every year. Anyways your flyers looks very professional! Like your logo as well. Good luck this season. Oh and even if you only get one, take it and just do a very good job others will come soon!
  6. MR-G

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    best advertising is your rig....clean/ lettered/ and pro. looking will get u more work....wear a hat and t shirt with your logo's....give existing clients a free month or whatever for bringing you more customers...also try and keep to a small geographical want a lot of accounts real close together....the phone book and paper will have you running all over town..killing your windshield time as well as fuel costs...the flyers are good but you have to be consistant...hit the same areas every 45-60 days over and over and over.....keep your costs low and dont be affraid to say no..or even drop a client who is a slow pay or just plain not profitable....dont just take anything and everything...if you build a real good foundation in the beginning you will do much, much better in the long run....time your jobs...each and every one...every time....your costs will be different than others so find your pricepoint and charge accordingly...low ball pricing will get you nowhere fast...have fun building it and you will do well......good luck ! p.s. the flyer looks ok...did you print anything on the back?? list some of your specials like mulch, rock, fertilizing, ect. ect. on the back....side jobs usually help land mowing accts. as well..
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