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Discussion in 'Lawn Care Business Management' started by Smallaxe, Jan 8, 2013.

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    I would make the same 1000-1200 dollars with the old smaller blower... only it may have taken longer,,, so that's not the point of the question... the example of upscaling my blower size and charging more for its usage is the point...

    Sometimes we pay extra for something that doesn't benefit the business at all,,, so you can't say that the 'extras' are paying for themselves... what you are saying is the you can afford them...

    When a machine/tool brings in extra money/time into the business, that amount of extra money/time is paying for the machine/tool... that is the business principle I'm addressing... sorry for the confusion... :)
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    oh yah i see in that case then the mower/ bagger system i bought, the new back pack, and anything else i bought don't pay for themselves that quick at all, but they do save a decent amount of time and make life a lot easier.
  3. Smallaxe

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    Time is Money... and at my age "making it easir and better" is money...

    Anything that increases efficiency is worth money... Just a matter of 'quantifying' its value when doing the books... :)
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    A $25 shovel can make several thousand in a year.
    A $16,000 skid steer can make more money with less work.

    I buy mowers used; usually with under 250 hrs.
    I buy trimmers, edgers, chain saws, hedge clippers, and blowers new.
    I buy used trucks and trailers. If I were to buy one this year, I would buy 2008 or newer with less than 75,000 miles.

    All top grade equipment. We use Echo, and have multiples of each of their largest machines. Use Exmark mowers, drive 3/4 ton trucks, etc.

    Maintenance crew is equiped with a back up power head and attachments and a minimum of 2 back pack blowers and mowers.

    Some things you just can't break down into a direct pay off period until its worthless, for example: I bought an edger 7 years ago, and it crapped out last cost me $3.57 per month to own that thing and now I have it for parts--the carb and shaft are both still good.
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    If you watch the billy goat commercial on you tube you will see what a difference stepping up to bigger blowers will make as for effiencency(sp).
  6. RSK Property Maintenance

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    good deal, I buy all the above new except trucks and trailers, because the mowers don't depreciate very much unless you really run them into the ground, I would know because I bought my 2005 scag tiger cub brand new spring of 2005 when I first got my drivers license, and traded it in summer 2012 with 985 hours on it in excellent condition for about 2300 less then what I originally paid for it, so at that point buying another new machine this time with the 61" deck and 34hp motor i wanted the first time wasn't really a bad choice. knowing it will hold its value for a long time, especially since my stuff is garage kept, and the trucks get bought used because they take a huge hit, and i'm not making enough money where I need the big tax write off of a new truck, a used truck works just fine and looks just fine for now, although a newer truck has crossed my mind many times and will hopefully come this year, but still probably be an 05-10 with under 100,000 miles and diesel. so it should hold its value pretty well even after 200,000 if i keep something that long.
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    I think about equipment cost versus labor costs. You said you do not have any employees to worry about, but if you can buy a piece of equipment that makes you 20% more efficient, you can either finish your work day 20% earlier, or get that much more work done. I imagine that you, like most professionals, intend for your business to grow with time. When you have labor hours to consider, you can not afford down time created by breakdowns. The benefits of highly productive reliable equipment goes much farther than the time it takes to make each dollar you spent on it. Buying quality equipment is almost always the way to go in my opinion, provided you are frugal enough to pay cash and not finance.
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    Always try to buy the best quality when it comes to machinery, most of the time new over used. Better to make payment then have something in for repair all the time. Hand tools buy cheaper ones and replace when they break.
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    I was thinking about this the other day when I was in a harbor freight and saw prices on rakes and shovels and told myself instead of buying Kobalt brand I should just buy HF brand for wayyy less and just replace when they break, I haven't had any of my Kobalt stuff break yet so it might be a while before I get to test that theory.

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