How much time will a ZTR really save me?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Noland, May 10, 2008.

  1. Noland

    Noland LawnSite Member
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    I have 3 acres that are flat with almost no obstacles.
    Much of it is rather rough so I end up mowing it a slow pace. This has me thinking that a ZTR will not cut a significant amount of time from my weekly mowing since I will not be able to go very fast with it either.

    This just my theory since I have not tried a ZTR on my property yet.

    I am currently using a 60 inch rear finish mower on a Kioti CK20H but I am considering a John Deere 757.
  2. JTF40

    JTF40 LawnSite Senior Member
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    I can mostly ASSURE you that a ZTR will slice your mowing time in half - no matter the terrain. :usflag:
  3. Bennett scape

    Bennett scape LawnSite Member
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    I agree a zero turn is much faster than a walk behind or lawn tractor. :usflag:
  4. Big Hoss

    Big Hoss LawnSite Member
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    I think you would gain some time just from the maneuverability aspect of a ZTR alone. However I mow a property for a lady that is three acres no trim or blow with my Hustler SWB 25/54 and it takes me 55 minutes from the time I pull into the drive til I pull out of the drive. I do have a sulky but the SWB is a beast. The ground is rough and I have to walk behind it for 4 passes out front by the road which is 250' frontage. Hope this helps.
  5. Bennett scape

    Bennett scape LawnSite Member
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    55 min to mow three acres do you double cut or is it just rough terrain?
  6. DJ Contracting

    DJ Contracting LawnSite Senior Member
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    It will save you time but don't be led to think you'll be cutting it in half, seeing how you said that it is rough, either way you won't be able use the full speed of a zero turn good luck on what you buy.
  7. Noland

    Noland LawnSite Member
    Messages: 2

    I went ahead and bought the 757 and it did decrease my mowing time but not by half, probably not quite by a third.
    Since it is different and new there is a fun factor and the time seems to fly by.:laugh:

    It is way easier to mow close to things with it and so I will be saving trim time as well.
  8. mower&more1986

    mower&more1986 LawnSite Senior Member
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    I had 50" troybuilt Z it took me about 45 min to do my dads lawn when on a rider it could take about a hour or more.
    by the way to takes practice to get good with them give it time

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