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    I always seem to make my mistakes when it comes to estimating the time it will take to complete a job.. Not so much with construction but primarly with Maintienance and especially cleanups. The hourly manhour rates around here are between $25. and $45. per man hour... Nice spread huh.. I put myself in the middle.. not the lowest but not the highest either. So If I could figure out how long it will take to cut and edge a lawn I would be doing alright .. Any ideas on improving this ?? Thanks

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    the post here (search for it, cause I don't have the time, sorry) about measuing properties. I went on a long speal in there, find my post and it should answer your questions.

    Good Luck!
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    I found it. My post may answer your question so I copied it for you:

    I kinda want to put my 2 ANAL cents in on measuring out and estimating jobs. If you don't mind taking the time, you can pin point down to the minute how long a job will take. Get your measuring wheel and measure all the turf areas in Sq Ft. Figure out how many SqFt you can cut with your 61", 48", or 22", because it will take different times with different mowers. Next take your wheel again and run it along anywhere you'd trim, along buildings, sidewalks, around trees, etc. Figure out how long it takes you to trim by the foot. Now measure all the paved areas you'll have to blow off, and figure out how long it takes you to blow per sq. ft. This will work for anything else you want to add also, edging, weeding, etc. You'll be super accurate with this and be able to see your profit a lot clearer.

    I think Homer brought up how to figure out how much your equipment costs to run per hour. Heres an example:

    Price paid for mower: $2,000.00
    Expected maintenance over x hours you expect to get out of the machine, lets just make up a number cause it will vary greatly depending on your machine: $500.00
    Fuel cost over x hours $500.00
    Resale value after you put x ammount of hours on the machine $700.00

    Now lets see: $2,000.00 new machine
    +$ 500.00 repairs/Maint
    +$ 500.00 fuel
    $3,000.00 expenses
    -$ 700.00 resale value
    $2,300.00 total expense over x hours

    now to find out how much per hour, just divide $2,300 by x hours = how much it costs you every hour that equipment is running.

    It takes a while to figure it out with maintenance and fuel costs, etc, but it leaves very very little room for error when your bidding or costing a job. IT WILL PAY IN THE END!!!

    Hope it helped a little.

    If you want to read all 3 pages of the thread, the link is:

    But I think that my post will answer your question.

    I would also e-mail a moderator and ask them to move this post to the commercial lawn maintenance section for more replies.

    Hope this helps, let me know if you have any more questions!

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    Thanks Guido,

    That's so simple too. I looked at the thread you reffered me to and just read through it.. Some great info. It's funny how simple something can be to figure out but when you're frustrated and trying too hard everything starts to seem so difficult. The method of measuring it out is obviously time consuming but in the long run I can see how it will result in increase profit. You can't really cheat yourself using this method. Thanks again I appreciate it.
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    If you need any more help, or if you want me to explain something better, let me know.

    I'm glad I could be of help around here every once and a while.

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