How much time?


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Right now I'm just getting started, and all I have is a regular 42" riding mower. I'm just curious how much time a 48" commercial walkbehind or ztr will cut off from my jobs once I can afford to get one.


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you need to look at it like this:

w/ a 48" WB you are cutting an additional 5-6 inches per pass. Now, when you get to the end of a row you touch the controls and within 2 seconds you are headed back onto the next row. With a traditional riding mower you are limited to your turning radius.

I'm not sure if it is half but it would be pretty close. However, lets assume you have 10 lawns to do a day that each take you an hour with your riding mower. Assuming a WB saves you 25% in time alone. That means 2.5 hours can be saved per day.

The other thing to look at would be the professional look of the cut. Take a walk through some neighborhoods and you can see which homeowners use riders or 21" WB versus the large 36" and up commercial mowers.

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