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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by RSK2, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. RSK2

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    Hi everyone
    I know this guy and he has a big lot with a house on it and he wants to put a pond in that is 36000sqft 20ft deep. How much would you charge for something like this? It would be a big pond and he wants me to take out two acres of trees to. anyone ever do a pond this size? any help will help Thanks :waving:
  2. Fordsuvparts

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    25k in cash up front I think would be fair!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I did one a few years ago before I went over to lighting only. It was about 45-50 thousand square feet. The deepest part of it was around 20-25' deep. Sounds about what you are going to have to tackle. We had to deal with wetland mitigation through the state, so that made it a bit more technical overall but the construction phase is still the same. Are you building any waterfalls into this project? How high is your water table in the spring? Are there any rivers or streams nearby? What is your access like? What are your plans for the overburden you remove? These are all questions that need to be answered before you can get any type of numbers to start with for your specific project. The one I did finally ended up at about 150k with the bogs and waterfalls included. However every project is different and has its own set of challenges to overcome and deal with. Let us know and we can probably get you close on numbers. However a project like this is better done on projected costs of the project, instead of a hard bid. You always need to leave room for the unexpected on a project this size.
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    As Tim said, There are no rules for a project like that where you can say $XX.XX dollars per square foot.
    That is going to be a lot of block work, cement and prior planning. I would begin by talking to a brick mason on the cost.
    I would ask for a retainer to do all of the background, permit, drawings, etc. A project that big will need lots of attention, digging the hole is the easy part.
    There may be sticker shock when it finally gets laid out and you will not want to get stuck with all of time that it will take to do all of those tasks. You can fold the money into the job once approved
    There are no filter systems out there for something that large so you will have to have multiple filters and a large filter pit or building to house them. Most ponds for Koi estimate each filter system will handle aroung 4000 gallons of water.
    What will the pond be used for, I should have asked this question first and could have saved a lot of typing.
    Most ponds that size for fish use Block walls, cement floors and spray on liners
  5. RSK2

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    from PA
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    Thanks for getting back to me on this. The pond will not have any waterfalls there is a spring there now it takes up about half the size of the pond size. The land has two streams on it they are not that big of ones he said about putting the pond in the center of one off them it's more a ran run off I would say.
  6. RSK2

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    Thanks for the info
    The pond is just for his use he would like to stock it with fish but I said one thing at a time I am getting more info from him on what all he is going to do with it. I will let you know
  7. RSK2

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    from PA
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    thanks for the info :waving:
  8. Lite4

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    If it is already wet on the bottom then you will definitely need to install pressure relief valves in the bottom of the pond, (seemed into the liner). You can filter a pond this size quite easily if you have the room. We used our overburden and built a berm to keep all material on site. This saved money. On top of the berm we made a large bog filter system that filtered the water as it was pumped from the bottom of the pond up through the perf pipes in the bog. The water then ran out the top of the bog (clean as a whistle), and down a waterfall back into the pond. We placed the pump inlet and the waterfall drop according to how we would get the best circulation in the lake.
  9. JJS

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    WOW! Big job like what was mention, if you go through inlands wetlands, that will be time you'll definitly have to account for billing wise, is this going to be lined? The other thing is 20' down everything changes, no matter what top maps may suggest, 6 figures is def. the start....
  10. Fishwhiz

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    Do you or the client even know why the pond should be 20 feet deep? Has there even been a single test pit dug to understand the challenges facing this pond and how this pond should be designed?

    If this project is in PA you are running at significant odds of a lot of ground water. This is not your usual puddle pond project.

    To even begin to budget this sort of project, the goals of the thing need to be clearly laid out. You could simply excavate a hole for 20k or build a masterpiece for 200k, or you could blow 400k and have to replace the seal in twenty years. The design will be the key.

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