How much to bid to install 100 cu yd of mulch @ 2in. deep?

Discussion in 'Bidding, Estimating and Pricing' started by Colt Schultz, Nov 5, 2018.

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    Yea +4 that at $100/yd price point you''ll probably not win the bid...or get a chance for another bid unless you know the guy. That is astronomical'y high even for my area.

    Tpendagast's post about the math is what you need to sit down and figure out..WHAT IS THE TOTAL cost to the business?

    SKID steer and spreaders is the general way...but opens the door to a lot of liability issues with the skid steer causing damage.

    I WOULD rather tackle the job with 2x rental stake bead truck, and 6 guys with 4 brute containers. Drive to each island, two guys in the bed loading up the containers, and 2 guys disbursing the containers to the island, and the other 2 guys fine spreading. While one truck is being unload the other is getting loaded up at the mulch yard. and can keep that process cycling

    THIS also would avoid an over purchase of materials should your net material amount be less than your initial estimate/bid.

    In my experience the skid steer approach works better when the islands are large and open or limited labor.

    a 6x man crew is about $1,000 a day cost where as a skid steer is highly variable depending on rental, re-fueling and insurance covereage along with drop off and pick up... Which is more productive? you'll have to make that call based on the terrain and how fast you need the job completed.
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    And this is another example of why prices shouldn't just be thrown out.

    I'd kill to get that much yard.

    But I'm competing with folks charging $40\yard installed.
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    I only charge $100 a yard if it's under 5 yards. it's 30 a yard plus my hourly rate and the Bark Place is charged me $50 delivery fee so I averaged it out at$100 a yard. Usually I'm around 85-yard cuz most of my customers order 15 yards. You have to find out what works for you in your area. Talk to some other local guys that price it out. I'm being told by a lot of landscapers in my area that I should be going up by 20%. It's all who you talk to. I have yet to have a customer complain. They've asked me what the price of material is and how long I think it's going to take me and they say that's fair. At that price. I'm just getting started going on my second year. So I'm still learning but it's worked for me so far.
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    Holy carp...then again, in GR we have the most bark blowers per capita in the nation.

    These prices are amazing.

    Then again, how many are doing job costing? Are you really getting what you are saying?
  5. WeReviveLandscaping

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    The bark jobs I have done I have gotten $100 a yard or the 85 a yard. Depending on how much bark they needed. I mainly mow so I have not had much time this year to do bark. There is only like one company that blows bark where I'm at and they are there in Idaho. Like I said I'm still learning my pricing.
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    I have several 10yd customers. Every spring, $100/yd delivered and installed. Cost is around $30/yd.

    There isn’t any accts here that have over 10yd that I know of. If there are, I’d still bid @ $100/yd.

    I can toss about 1yd per hour. So 10yds = 10 hrs. $300 in mulch, $30 in fuel = $670 net. Factor in about 2 hrs load/drive time = $55/hr. That’s solo of course.

    I could factor in insurance, maint, etc. and bring that $55/hr down to around $40/hr but I have all that factored into the mowing side of things. I bill @ $60/hr mowing, which turns out to be around $52-$54 with drive time, then minus expenses, etc. brings it down around $30/hr net.

    If I could only get $40/yd when mulching, I wouldn’t even mess with it. That’s just me tho.
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    This thread is an example of why asking what everyone else charges doesn’t really help anyone. What I can charge and what you can charge are quite different. If you took my price and tried it in your area, you wouldn’t land much work now would you?
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  9. Mark Oomkes

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    I'm not knocking you...just saying it isn't happening around here.
  10. Matthews Lawn Care

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    I know. You asked if anyone has done job costing on it. Without attaching a spreadsheet, I hooked you up with what a 10yd job looks like for me on the back end.
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