How much to charge customers and which mower to buy?


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Atlanta, Ga
I'm going in to my third year or so of mowing lawns in my neighborhood. I'm in highschool so I'm probably not as professional as some of you on here but still take it pretty seriously. I live north of Atlanta, so I'm going to start mowing hopefully by the end of next month and I will be hopefully mowing about 10 lawns this season. I have two questions.

I bought a residential toro, personal pace mower when I started a few years ago and have had nothing but problems with it. So, I decided to go for a honda 21" for this year. I'm torn between the $700 middle class hrx and the all out $1150 commercial grade one. The guy said the commercial would last me a lot longer and was much better but I'm still not sure. Will it be worth it to get the commercial one for $450 more?

Second, last year we didn't get much rain at all so a lot of my customers wanted their lawn cut every two weeks or so and I lost a lot of money. I guess I made the mistake up front of allowing them to decide on when they want their lawn cut. This year I will hopefully change that. So, i think im going to give them the option of having me cut it every week for a lower monthly charge (lets say 125) or they can choose when i cut it for a higher price per cut (lets say 35). I want to hear your opinion on whether this is a good idea or not or if there are any other options.