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how much to charge for 2 acre lot


LawnSite Member
i have a lady that i am doing an estimate for she has two acres wanting to see what some of you would charge to mow and trim so i can give her a good price any help would be nice thanks


LawnSite Member
Massillon, OH
That would depend.

Maybe the lot is wide-open with no trees or obstacles to mow or trim around. In that case you'd have to charge less.

Maybe the lot has trees and other items scattered around which will take more time to mow & trim around. In that case you'd have to charge more.

Maybe you have a huge riding, ZTR or walk behind mower that could quickly cut the lot. Maybe you have a 21" push mower that would take all day to mow.

Maybe she wants it bagged & disposed of, maybe she doesn't care.


LawnSite Member
Right now I'm charging $70 + $30 difficult terrain surcharge.