How much to charge for aeration and how to?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by green-pa, Sep 29, 2007.

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    So what if someone has like damn near an acre and most of the ground is so dry that in parts it's got big cracks in it and they have no irrigation; do u just hope for a good rain and then aerate? Or should I let them use a few of my hoses and spriklers to wet the area the night before or something? How long should I leave the the sprinklers on, for 3-4 hours or all night? Or do most guys just plan on doing it after a rain. I don't want to spend $100 on the machine rental and then not be able to use it cause of the hard az soil!:hammerhead:
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    You can
    a. wait for rain
    b. make them water
    c. charge them for you to come out and set up a watering system with timers but with an acres they will need to move the system or pay you to move it...

    With a .25 acres lot option c works well, but it would cost them alot in your case...option a may be the best for you...if they are seeding you are screwed cause they won't water it.
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    I just did a friends yard. Measured 40000 sq ft of ground aerated and charged $300.00. That was a gift for the 4 plus hrs of work. I did six yards the previous day ranging from 40.00 to 100.00. It was a good weekend.
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    You do realize that this thread is 5 yrs old and the prices quoted probably aren't relevant any more?

    I am doing a bunch of aeration jobs tomorrow the cheapest is 1/4 acre lot, minus house, driveway, and back patio for $150. I have 2 half acre lots, minus house, drive, patio, etc, aerate and over seed for $250. These arent the best priced I have, but the norm for how I charge.
  5. PinnacleMaintenance216

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    You do realize this is the internet and we do have a thing called an inflation calculator right??
  6. A. W. Landscapers  Inc.

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    You joined this forum today and you thought it would be a good idea if your first post was an attempt to mock a post made by one of our members nearly 3 months ago that was only made because someone awoke a 5 year old thread.

    And just in case anyone is interested this was all in response to these 2007 prices posted by "topsites" in post number 2 of this thread:

    Here are the prices when adjusted to 2013 dollars using the inflation calculator in the above link:

    1/4 acre lot (~11k sq.feet): $40.00 adjusted to $44.96
    3/8 acre lot (~16k sq.feet): $50.00 adjusted to $56.20
    1/2 acre lot (~22k sq.feet): $60.00 adjusted to $67.44
    5/8 acre lot (~27k sq.feet): $70.00 adjusted to $78.69
    3/4 acre lot (~33k sq.feet): $80.00 adjusted to $89.93
    7/8 acre lot (~38k sq.feet): $90.00 adjusted to $101.17
    Full acre (43,560 sq.feet): $100.00 adjusted to $112.41

    Now, even when we adjust those prices that 1/4 acre lot is still only $44.96 and the member who you quoted and were trying to mock said "I am doing a bunch of aeration jobs tomorrow (9/28/2013) the cheapest is 1/4 acre lot, minus house, driveway, and back patio for $150." Even with your adjustment, topsites prices are still as he admits "lowball" prices when compared to the 2013 price given by TuffTurfLawnCareÂ…topsites is $105.04 lower than TuffTurfLawnCare. A low ball price in 2007 adjusted for inflation will still be a lowball price in 2013.

    By the way, Welcome to the forum. I hope your future posts on this forum will be better than your first post.
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    It's up to you what you do in your own business. I personally rent an aerator for a couple days in the spring and do all mine. It makes for a long back breaking days, but I get them done and over with. I have a minimum of $40, but as a general rule shoot for 120-150/hour. I have a couple lawns that take 6 minutes. There is no way I can charge more than 40ish when it takes 6 minutes in my area.

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