How much to charge for Fall cleanup?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by iamthelawnbarber, Oct 14, 2006.

  1. iamthelawnbarber

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    This is my first season cutting lawns. A few of my customers have a lot of trees. Do you charge extra to pick up leaves or is that included in the grass cutting bill?
  2. work_it

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    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :hammerhead:

    You'll figure out what you need to charge after the first leaf clean-up. Just try not to schedule too much work during those days.

    Now for the best advice I can give you:

    1. Don't let customers set your prices. If you ask them what they think it's worth they'll offer you the least amount of money possible.

    2. Don't go by what others are charging. It's alright to use it as a guideline, but only you know your expenses.

    3. Don't offer cheap prices just to get the work. Customers will expect you to do it for next-to-nothing from now on, and if you try to raise your prices they'll talk bad about you to their friends and family.

    4. Even if you have a place to dump it for free charge a dump fee. You may not always have that place available, and you need to be compensated for you time, gas, and equipment to haul it off.
  3. SOMM

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    you've been in business for eight years in PRIME deciduous leaf country, and yet you still don't know WHAT to charge????????????


    go find a payroll job, it's less headaches friend.

    best regards in your job search
  4. POPO4995

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    Leaves are definetaly an extra cost.....they will take forever and you will learn to hate it. Your best bet is to start out by the hour.
  5. SOMM

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    1. we phlip'n luv leaves, Pop - they founded our business a couple of decades back!

    2. to this day - they pay better than just "grass cutting", if you know what the hail you're doing (!?!?)

    3. Repeat the above two points until they are part of your psyche. Then get with the phlip'n program and keep your family from starving during the fall and winter.

    4. Iam - if you're not getting $25-$35 per quarter hour with each backpack plus rake and tarp, something's way wrong with your leaf removal operation.
  6. extremerc76

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    if you got the right stuff and price the job right leaves can be highly profitable. i am not quite there with all the right stuff needed to do the job, but am getting damn close (need truck loader).
  7. lapseal

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    We have taken on several jobs of tree trimming and lawn clean up. We charge $75.00 per tree for trimming and debris removal, this so far has been very acceptable and on an overall average we have a nice profit. We take our debris to the local municipal leaf dump where they turn the debris into mulch for free. We then use the mulch for our customers, it keeps our community clean and everyone happy.

    See Ya in LasVegas in January:usflag: :walking: :cool2: :gmctruck:

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