How much to charge for fallen tree limb removal?

Blade Runners

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Woodlawn, TN
I recently done a bid on a fallen tree limb removal. The bid was $75 for a Bradford Pear that had a limb completely split off of the main trunk. Limb was about 20 feet long and 8" at the base. It was inside of a fenced in back yard where I couldn't get my Toro Dingo with root grapple in to. Cost to dispose here is $30/ton (limb wasn't near a ton). I use a 16ft open trailer and would use about 15-$20 in gas round trip.

Given this info, what would you guys bid on this job?
Thanks in advance for any input:)


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Way underbid and I wouldn't have gone to the address the first time if I didn't know I was already going to do the job. I skip right over these calls unless they are current customers.

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