How much to charge for leaf removal

Discussion in 'Bidding, Estimating and Pricing' started by Triptoy2002, Feb 24, 2016.

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    Bingo !!
    Reading is the most important and a lot of kids are failing that.
    If a kid can read well. Then throughout their entire life they can read and learn anything they want.
    But what a waste of time for kids, and teachers to not just teach basic math, reading, history, balance checkbook,
    And heaven forbid study the constitution.

    Edit: I will also add.
    Stop teaching social justice warrior issues, thats for the liberal arts classes in college.
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    Yeah.. but he didn't show the "process"!
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    Bring out the boxes. Show us HOW you arrived with this conclusion :jester:
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    Even if the answer is long as we can "dialogue" about how you reached your conclusion, you get a trophy! Thumbs Up
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    i don't have a "conclusion".. i didn't learn common core math!
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    I was going to (like) your post.
    But it's so sad and true I don't want to like it.
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    I know this thread is getting off target but.

    My Daughter and Son in law are recent college graduates.
    Whenever we discussed issues, they were always responding with.
    " I feel " " I believe " " my thought is"
    I finally pinned them down, just give me a straight answer for god sake !
    Then they explained to me.
    They are (taught) in college to respond this way, so it doesn't invalidate someone elses opinion, or push their opinion on others.
    They're teaching our kids to never really have a stand on anything.
    Just a bunch of wishy washy responses.
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    I tell my daughter that one feels with their fingers.
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    This was about a yr ago.
    Ever since then, they are now giving adult responses, and actually voice their true opinions. They are learning that academia is not the real world.
    The real world is messy, people get hurt feelings and snowflakes melt in the heat.
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    Hourly rates are tricky. I have been cleaning a certain property for about 15 years. The house even sold once, the new people stuck with me. It is about 40k sq/ft of lawn and a lot of beds.

    When I first did it, I had an old Stihl BR430 backpack (back then it was a badass blower). The cleanup would take 7 or 8 hours. I charged $350 to $400.

    I went there Friday and used a BR800, a Little Wonder 13hp walk-behind, and a mower. It took me 3.5 hrs. I charged $400.

    You do the math.

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