how much to charge for mulch

Discussion in 'Nurseries and Growers' started by palmersfirewood, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. palmersfirewood

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    I am 16 years old and currently am doing brush removal and various landsaping. I am wondering how much to charge for a dump truck load of mulch. My 1 ton dump is a 9 ft by 8 ft with 24 inch sides. I don't want to over charge. Thanks
  2. Doster's L & L

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    It's different from place to place, but around here you could sell it for $50/yd. install and delivery included. This is just sawmill, HW mulch double hammered.
  3. palmersfirewood

    palmersfirewood LawnSite Member
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    this is various types,(oak, poplar, pine etc) and will not include installation in most cases
  4. cat320

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    Well it all depends on what you get in your area around these parts we sell red hemlock double ground for $40+tax
  5. bbailey

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    from Vermont
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    I deliver it by the cubic yard. I can put up to 5 yards on my 1 ton dump. Here they sell it by the yard and the regular double ground is less expensive when you buy 3+ yards. The dyed mulch does not get a discount upon volume because of the cost to color it. Not much markup in mulch but I make it on the delivery.
  6. bigjeeping

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    We tack on $50-58/yard for delivery and installation.

    Sounds steep, but mulch is where we make the most profit!
  7. carcrz

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    I am getting the double ground hardwood for $27 + tax & the Sahara red for something like $30. I will install it for an additional $40 a yard. Delivery is free over 5 yards. I average 8 yards per job.
  8. shovelracer

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    I pay:
    18 - hardwood
    28 - dyed
    38 - cedar

    This is the best mulch I've ever seen, no chunks, sticks, garbage. Every piece is perfect. I do get a 20% discount over others because of the quantity I buy.

    I charge:
    55 - HW
    65 - Dyed
    76 - Cedar

    Around 32/yd delivered and installed, plus fuel surcharge 5%. Average job is around 25-30yd. Hard to go higher with all the shooters and day laboring no insurance companies around here. Years ago you could convince someone that they should be hiring legit companies. The last 2 years it has been whoever gets it done cheapest no matter what.
  9. Precision

    Precision LawnSite Silver Member
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    Price of mulch x mark up (say 20%)
    hours per yard x labor rate (say $45 -$60 per hour)

    your price on mulch $20 per yard equals $24 per yard to client
    .5 man hours per yard installed equals $22.50 - 30 per yard
    add on delivery fee.
    My mulch yard charges $35 for local and an extra $5 per 5 miles beyond their idea of local
    Add in additional charges for degree of difficulty. having to wheelbarrow it up a steep hill

    in the example you would charge $46.50 - $54 per yard (installed) plus delivery fee and difficulty surcharge if needed.

    Don't bother with just doing deliveries. NO profit in that.
  10. keith_480231

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    How true how true!

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