How Much to Charge For Planting Of Leyland Cypress?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by landscapetastic, May 6, 2012.

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    I am new to the landscape business, how much should I charge to
    plant 4ft - 5ft leyland cypress, 6 of them , with them being 5ft apart.
    And having to first clear away ivy and some junk before planting.
    Soil in area is rocky and some tree roots.
  2. What I charge is $70/hour labor for me and an employee, retail pricing of the material, pickup/delivery fee, and disposal fees if applicable.

    You have prep work in removing the ivy and existing roots. We don't have leyland cypress here, but given your height estimtes, I would think that would be a 4 hour job or so with the removal and installation of the trees. Factor in cleanup time and watering the trees in as well. If you think 4 hours, estimate for 5. Being new it will probably take you a little longer than what you expect. Bring good tools with you.
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    The proper spacing for these is 10-12 ft
    There are a lot of people who want the hedge right now and plant them closer

    Leyland cypress is considered relatively pest-free. However, because of its relatively shallow root system, and because they are often planted too close together and in poorly drained soils, Leyland cypress is prone to root rot and several damaging canker diseases, especially during periods of prolonged drought. Disease management is, therefore, a consideration for Leyland cypress.
    My pricing
    2 1/2 x wholesale is the cost for plant,delivery, and installation

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    Agreed as said in the last post about spacing. 5' is entirely to close and they will be crowded.

    I buy everything from a wholesale nursery and sell it retail plus local tax, I also sell the item to be planted as a plant/installed price.

    Example: If I pay 49.50 for a 30 gal leyland I present it to my customer in the quote as $160 planted. That covers retail mark up, labor, mulch, stakes, wire, and root stem if you use it. This is also a flexible number depending on customer. They might not want to pay for the root stem, mulch etc no matter how much you feel or know its required.

    I then add in additional pricing for labor for preparing the area etc at a per hour charge. (I estimate the time it takes x $60.00 hr or whatever you charge)

    Plus delivery of $80 minimum, and say $100 for haul off to cover trip and tipping fees wherever you take your brush.

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