how much to charge for planting plants

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by ozman, Aug 24, 2001.

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    I have a lawn business in michigan one of my accounts asked if I would put in a bid for planting flowers. I don't do much landscaping but I would like to put the bid in. My question is how much should I charge by the hour? the customer is buying the plants all I have to do is provide the labor I now how much I like to charge 25.00 hr is this to low or should I charge more, any ideas would be great.

    Thanks for any help
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    You might want to charge per plant, you may make more than your 25.00 hourly labor rate. Depending on plant you may want to use a drill to speed things up. All situations are diff ,good luck.
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    Your question is very your subject line you use the word"plants" then flowers . What is it they would like planted..annuals? If so many per flat etc? Do you have to prep the area?
    Might be able to help with a little more info.
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    Oz -

    This topic is one that has been discussed quite a bit here. If you run a search in this forum, you'll likely find all the answers you're looking for.

    Good luck!

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