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How much to charge for sod install

williams lcm

LawnSite Bronze Member
orlando fl
I need to install St.Augustine sod for a customer in Florida? How much to charge to install one pallet (labor charge)? This will include taking out old sod and installing new. I can get a pallet for $120. Thanks


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i usually shoot for about $0.50-$0.75 per sqft foot if no prep.

now having to take out old sod and maybe put down some new dirt, and level yur lookin at maybe $1.00 to $1.50 a sqft.

figure out how long it will take and how much yur comfortable making for your labor!


LawnSite Member
In your situation, it seems best if you charge them a flat labor rate per hour. If you dont know what you need to charge, I would go with the flat rate for sure. Give them an estimate of how many hours you think it will take. Make sure you get it done for a reasonable cost and make them happy.


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Some people don't want a per hour rate. Their afraid it'll take you longer than you think and stick them with a larger bill.

I would offer to save them money by just puting the new sod over the old, but cut out the edges or transistion points to blend them in. If their are alot of weeds in the old stuff, you may choose to use roundup or take it out. I have done this many times with no problems and you cannot tell.

Going rate here is $0.75-$1.00/ square yard installed + grading (if needed). If you remove the old, double it


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Glendale, Az
I just dont understand charging someone an hourly rate. All that tells them is that you dont know what to charge them, and there not gonna be comfortable waiting till your done to know what there gonna pay. If you can get the sod for $120, whats the rest of your materials gonna cost? Multch, gypsun, fertilizer are all things you can mark up for profit. The sod on the other hand, just figure out a reasonable markup for the install. When it comes to taking out the old stuff, its not costing you anything but labor. No materials, just time. Now figure out what your time is worth. Are you gonna be hauling the old stuff away? Do you have to go to the dump? Other than materials, as long as your reasonable and comfortable with what your charging then its worth it. Many people on here charge different amounts, because they have different overhead. My prices will be different from the next guy, and so on. If you dont know how to bid this type of job, it tells me you havent done it before. So take this job and learn. As long as your not losing money, then your on the right track. Profit is always there, maybe not as much as you want but those jobs come and go. Sometimes you have to jump in and get your feet wet. So next time you get one of these you will know what you need to adjust.