How much to charge for trimming these bushes?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by DLS1, Aug 7, 2004.

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    I will need to use articulating hedge trimmers a lot with this job. These have not been trimmed in a few years.

    1. 1 evergreen bush - 17' - long and 6' wide and 5' high. Will cut off about 2' from top and about 1' off the sides. Is overgrown on walkway.

    2. 1 evergreen bush - 16' long and 8' wide and 11' high. Will cut 3' off top and trim sides about 1'.

    3. 1 bush - 18' long and 9' wide and 10' high - Will cut 3' off top and 1' off sides.

    4. 2 evergreen trees growing into each other. - 13' long and 13' wide and 11' high. Will take off about 2' all around about 2' off top.

    5. 1 bush - 14' long and 9' wide and 6' tall. take about 2' off top and 1' off sides.

    How many hours to do it and how much do you charge per hour?
  2. gml9

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    Depends on a few things........How many people will be working....What type of equipment will you be using to do this.....Are you responsible to removing the debris....Is there a fee for dumping this stuff in your area or can you place on curb...How easy are these to get to, etc.
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    What type of shrubs??? 3' off a Yew can be a royal PITA. Do you have any pictures???/

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