How much to charge ofr retaining wall?

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by seacoastlandscape, Jun 8, 2006.

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    I'll be writing up a quote for some landscaping and small retaining wall for 1 of my customers. The wall will be made out of railroad ties to match the existing 1s and is no more than 1.5 ft high at the tallest point. Is there a standard to charge per foot for the installation? Any help would be appreciated, this will be the first wall installation I will be charging for so I have nothing to base the price on.
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    In my experience with pricing, per feet usually means the customer keeps more dough and you're wallet is lighter.

    Price it according to what it'll cost you and then double it minimum.
    I see guys price per foot and usually you could have done better with pricing by what it actually costs +. That's why carpet layers screw up their knees, drink cheap beer, and customers laugh in their faces.
    By the foot is a recipe for the poorhouse!!
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    i have been building allen block walls for some time over 150. I tried in the last 2 years converting to sq. ' and it doesent always work. I only hit the cal. with sq' for quick reference to put customer in ball park to see if they can afford a wall. I take block double add 10% stone caps and excav. time and price out. Sq' does not always work for me because of haul away, ex., and location. Get away from rr ties and use block it will give a better job and get you more work.

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