How much to charge to put down 13 bags of mulch

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by longislandlawn, Jul 12, 2014.

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    How much would you charge to put down 13 bags of mulch , the customer has ordered and paid for the mulch bags from a local nursery. They need them to be picked up though. They have 2 houses that they want the 13 bags of mulch to be spilt between. The houses are about 2 miles apart.
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    It wouldn't be worth mine times or theirs for my company to do that. You need a minimum. You can't be running all over town for a couple of bags of mulch.
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  4. rbljack

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    For me, it would depend how much prep work is involved, and how accessible it is where the mulch has to go. Is there any weed removal needed, do they want landscape fabric installed, etc etc.

    If its an easy 13 bag job, probably somewhere between 75 and 85 bucks if I had to pay for it, pick it up, and lay it down at the two locations. Because the customer has already paid for it, id say id charge around 50 if its just a matter of picking it up at the nursery and laying it down. If it takes more than an hour and 15 minutes to get the whole thing done, than 50 wouldn't be enough in my opinion.

    That's where I would start anyways....:walking:
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    Everyone says Im too high in the other threads. lol

    If it was a weekly customer Id probably just do it.

    Other wise 35$ to pick it up 35$ to stop, and 35$ to stop again.

    So 105$.

    Is that better?
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  7. Armsden&Son

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    13 bags of mulch?

    For 2 houses?

    I hope it's just for a little touch up around the flag poles or mailboxes because 13 bags is not going to get you very far...

    Are you prepping anything or just laying it down?

    You know what your hourly rate is right?

    Well, 6.5 bags at 1 house and 6.5 bags at the other house should take you ..........

    An hour?
  8. recycledsole

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    if it was one house $80
    2 houses atleast $100
    like others said got to have a minimum
  9. Ditta&Sons

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    Bill for 2 hours
  10. yardsmowed

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    I would think that for odd work don't refuse it...have an hourly rate that covers the work that is out of the ordinary. Come up with an hourly rate for putting down the mulch and travel time to pick up.

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