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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by 2tone3, Jun 26, 2006.

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    Well this is the first commerical place I got and I don't know how much to charge them. There is about half an acre and I was wondering how much do I charge sense it is a commerical bussineiss. They want me to give a price tommorow so can some people post in and tell me how much they would charge. The things they want me to do are edge, weed eat, and mow. The areas are in alot of little areas so now what do you guys think. Forgot to mention it is a storage place and a car wash and when I mean there's alot of little areas I mean alot. Only one little strait peace. :usflag:
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    Basically I charge commercial the same as if it were residential so long it's per cut, and also I adjust if it's all a bunch of little islands and whatever... What I mean is, if this 1/2 acre is all one big piece then that's not so bad, but if it's split up between several areas all with their curbs and stuff, then I charge more.

    As a rule, 1/2 acre lots average $50 per cut for the simple one big area thing.

    Contracts are a different story, I have a personal problem with them so it will be some time before I mess with another one, but if you want my method on a contract, it's real simple: Come up with whatever price the normal way, then double it.
  3. 2tone3

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    I was also wondering should I make some flyers and hand them out to people and commercial bussneiss to draw more people? I am still wondering on the first post so please read and help me out.
  4. topsites

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    Ohhh I see it now...At least $100 / cut.

    Flyers wouldn't hurt.
  5. 2tone3

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    Thanxs for the help. I will still see if any more people post in but I do think I will go $120-150.
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  7. i_plant_art

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    i think $20 is fair right..... i mean come on we dont know your cost of doing business is nor have any of us seen it, so based on your description i would say $20 or maybe $200 would sound better. now go out and find your number and go get em!
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    Well honestly that would depend on where in Wichita it is located. Now I have been out of that area now for 17 yrs. However, if your over by the Warren 21st area, charge good. If your on the East side closer to hiway 50 or is it 55. dang memory!! then charge good. If your closer to broadway, RUN, RUN.... I am pretty sure hiway 50 is correct, if its at all close to that I would say the rate is probably better than other areas. I was like 9 yrs old (1978) when they started the wichita flyover.

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