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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by tsimmons0615, Jun 26, 2013.

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    some of the not so good responses here.

    First of all - forget about percentages. Jobs should be based on actual estimated material costs. The material costs should also factor in waste, fudge factors, etc. You also need to calculate your production hrs. Production hrs need to include loading and unloading, clean up, drive time to and fro per employee.

    You also need to factor in your labor burden. No one here can tell you what your labor burden is, that is data that only you know and must calculate.

    Where will you go wee-wee? Did you factor in a Porta Potty rental or will you jus pee behind the customer's house and make it smell to high heaven?

    Profit? The profit margins in the hardscape industry are not very good. The NATIONAL ANNUAL average is around 8%, according to a VanderKoi seminar I attended. For us, I shoot for 20-25% net profit on a per job basis.
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    Wow 8% is low for the average... I believe it though hardscape has no room for error, the smallest overlook or bad day can blow your profit in a hot second.
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    keep in mind, I stated "Annual". So that's after insurance, interest on equipment loans, phone bills, shop expenses, uniforms, etc.

    During the recession I bet the national average for annual net profit was around 4% (my speculation).

    Out of: maintenance, lawn care (weed and feed), landscape installation, nursery operations - hardscaping has the lowest annual net profit.

    Seldom do most guys make it longer than 5-6 years. (but after a year they sure do think they know a lot!!! LOL)

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    (DVS we a have potty in our enclosed trailers)
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    CnyMowing Great thank you
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    DVS Hardscaper What do you charge after paying yourself how do you figure your jobs?
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    been out all day helping out the mowing crews... trying to beat this 2-3" of rain headed our way... but anyways tsimmons, I sent the spreadsheet over. If it doesn't show up in your inbox, check your spam folder... I sent it from the company email.

    Keep in mind just like DVS said, you have to know your labor and overhead costs (there is a line on the spreadsheet for each)

    I also like to use the "additional markup" line for rentals or PITA fees... the spreadsheet isn't foolproof, but it sure is a lot better than shooting from the hip when figuring estimates.

    if you have any questions just pm me
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    Hey can I get that same email!?

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