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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by fctadam, Feb 25, 2004.

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    Just wondering what others charge for equipment use on the job? How much do you charge by the hour 30, 40, 50 bucks an hour for tractor use? Do people charge the same price for loader work as they do backhoe work? Should it cost the same to remove stumps, as it does to dig a water line? Should it cost the same to spread topsoil on a lawn installation as anything else? Is it best to charge a flat tractor fee no matter the tractors use on the job?

    I'm looking to add a tractor with a backhoe (probably a TC30) to may landscaping small business but am unsure what to charge for its uses. Any help from others familiar or in the business what be great. I just need a starting point or frame of reference.
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    Figure out how much it will cost you to do these services, everything such as insurance, fuel, taxes, equipment depreciation and all. Then add this to what you want to make a hour, try to balance this with what your market can stand. This may sound like a genaric answer, but in my opinion it is the most solid.

    Hope this helps

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