How much to pay my help?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by greenedge, May 14, 2004.

  1. greenedge

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    How do you guys know how much to pay your help? I suppose it depends on how hard they work? I have hired a guy to help me and can't really decide how to make money and yet pay him fair too. I know that I have to make sure I have as many jobs as possible lined up for the days he comes along. I always try to have at least 8 of my highestpay/largest lawns to do on his days. Should I pay for his lunch too? Thanks Jesse
  2. kamor4

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    You need to really take a hard look at whether you really need someone else at this stage. Could you work a few more hours and not have the head aches that employees ALWAYS bring to the business. And remember what you pay your employee is not what the employee cost the business. You have to include workmans comp. additional insurances, higher rates on vehicles if employees drive. your equipment won't last as long. you will probly have more damage to customers yards,
    Is it really time to add an employee?

    Now on to your question- in western new york for a high school laborer its at or just above minimum upto 8or 9 an hour for more experienced people. you start hiring equipment operaters your going to have to pay more.
  3. bbone

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    Your want to do $800-$1000 per day when you and your employee work then you could pay 7-9 per hour. Little advice about lunch, don't pay for lunch and deduct .5 hour out of 8 hour day for lunch. Has worked for me over 9 years now. Good luck.
  4. weedhopper

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    do you mean that you are paying your help for lunch or are you not paying him for that half hour?
  5. bbone

    bbone LawnSite Member
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    not paying for lunch
  6. metomeya

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    I thought by law you had to pay a 30min work break,
    only a 1 hour break doesn't get paid.
  7. BCSteel

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    I would give my employee 2 15 min breaks on me and lunch was not paid. We'd start at 8 and finish at 4:30. I usually start my employees off at $10 and will pay more if their work is good. I believe in fair pay for fair work. I'm not out to gouge my workers any more than I'm out to get rich off of every contract that I have.

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