How much to remove this tree

Discussion in 'Tree Climbing, Pruning, Felling' started by Greencuts518, Aug 6, 2018.

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    Title says it all, pictures deceiving the power lines at road are a safe distance away, however the power coming into the house runs through that tree. Not sure why they ever planted a tree that close to the house

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  2. Neighbor-kid

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    It depends. If you're an experienced climber with a chipper/chip truck, ropes/rigging, ground crew available I would (*without having done a walk up inspection on it myself*) bid it somewhere in the $1k range. That being said, I climb trees 5 days a week.

    While you're at it, talk them into removing that catalpa tree to the left of the garage before it gets any bigger...I hate those trees.

  3. RussellB

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    Down here I was told by a couple tree guys that house drops have to be disconnected prior to cutting the tree if they go through it. I believe it's a free service but you have to work around the electric provider.
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  4. TPendagast

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    A real pro with the right equipment and experience (not a landscaper and a chain saw) is going to be around $1,000 likely

    Multiple trees on a site can bring prices down.
    If it’s one tree it’s probably around there
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