How much to use my fertilizer license

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by HacMan91, Jul 27, 2004.

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    If he wants to do lawn treatments then he better pull himself up by his boot straps and go get his license. Its not that tough.
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    You said fertilizer, not pesticides. Did you mean to include pesticides?
  3. Runner

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    This is how I was started. Here, we are required to be certified and have either a Bachelors degree in an agricultural related field AND 1 year experince with pesticides, or have two years certified experience with pesticides before we qualify for a license. A friend of mine who has been licensed for a number of years told me since I have the knowledge that I have (had at that time), that since I had been into the maintence business for nearly 20 years, that I should look into the fert and chem end of it. Well, after a year or two of him-hawing around with it, I got my certification, and he took me in as a montor, and allowed me to work under him. I was then able to hire his company to spray my places, and I was the one doing the applications. I was able to use his magnetic signs on my truck, and all operations and liability went to his company. I am very blessed to have a friend like him to have helped me the way he did. We sat down with one of the inspectors from the MDOA ahead of time, and he advised us that as long as all the documentation was in place, the door hangers specified HIS name for the pesticide aps, and the records were kept, it was all o.k.. The main thing he warned me about was do NOT try to shortcut, and think that I am going to spray even just a little bit of Roundup or something without going through the proper protocal. He specified that the first time I did that, it would be lights out for my future licensing.
    Now, granted, this guy live in the same town I do, and we are communicating everyday. It's not like we are 100 miles away from each other. We are no more than 10 minutes away, whether it be the shop or the home. As far as someone that far away, if you are not able to moniter it that closely, I wouldn't even consider it.
    John, (my mentoring friend), made SURE he was out there in the field with me watching me spray and apply quite a bit before I ever did it on my own.

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