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How much truck is really needed?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Howie's Lawn Care, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. Howie's Lawn Care

    Howie's Lawn Care LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 512

    Hey guys,
    I remember a person on here posting a pic of their Tacoma pulling two Exmarks, and many of you wnet crazy about him pulling all that with a tacoma. What do you guys think would be sufficient for pulling a trailer from 12' to 16' with two 52" or 60" ZTRs, with brakes on the trailer. I'm assuming a manual is better for towing, so what do you all recommend. Will any of the "small" trucks like rangers, s10s, tacomas work.

    Also, what do you guys think of the difference between 19 and 23HP kawasakis. Is it significant at all. I kind of wish In would have got a brand new 19HP 52" mini z for $6000.00, even though I only paid $6100.00 for mine. I think the 60" XR-7 with 23HP for $7000.00 is also an excellent deal. What do you all think?

    Thanks for any opinions and advice.

    -The NRH, or Nick Howard
  2. TNT Lawncare

    TNT Lawncare LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 263

    I use a 97 Sonoma with a 4.3L to pull my 14 foot trailer with a 48" Ferris IS 1500 and a 7hp Craftsman push mower. My truck is also factory lowered with the ZQ8 suspension package (the same on the extremes). She sits a little low but pulls just fine.
  3. lawnmaniac883

    lawnmaniac883 LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,613

    None of the small trucks out there will be sufficient for pulling all that around as well as stopping it. Even with a brake controller and trailer brakes I would still look for a bigger truck. Get either a 1/2 or 3/4 ton pickup new or used. It will be money well spent.
  4. 6'7 330

    6'7 330 LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,821

    Pulling Z-Turns around, I would go no smaller then a heavy duty half ton,with a tranny cooler. A 3/4 would fit the bill better.
  5. Automatics are better for towing.
  6. Audrey

    Audrey LawnSite Senior Member
    from Pa.
    Messages: 570

    Yep, exactly what I have. Heavy-half Chevy 5.7, 3.73 gears, automatic, and it's underpowered.
    16' open/dual axle, with brakes. Stoppng is okay with the controller, but going up good sized hills with just one ZTR, it's a pooch. I'm okay on the flats with two Tigers, but uphill I seriously doubt I will have enough. I won't even think of purchasing an enclosed trailer as long as I use this truck for pulling.

    Don't know squat about Kawi's..... sorry...

  7. Jpocket

    Jpocket LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,281

    Cahnge the gears to 4.10 or 4.56 and it will 'pull' as good as any 3/4 ton
  8. cdjohnson7

    cdjohnson7 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 18

    3/4 ton all the way with a tranny cooler. Exceeding the GCWR of a vehicle is very dangerous. I have read stories of people pulling loads in excess of the GCWR a guy hit a car coming down a hill and killed the passenger. The survivor sued for 2 million and won. Insurance would not cover as he exceeded the manufacture spec. of the truck (he should have bought the F-550 for the load). He had to sell everything he owned to pay the money when he could have spent a few thousand more for a bigger truck and not killed someone. Also he went to jail on top of that. I would get the best truck for the weight you haul.
  9. Audrey

    Audrey LawnSite Senior Member
    from Pa.
    Messages: 570

    Ya know, when I ordered the truck I had the option of the 4.10's. I knew 3.42 was too high, and I thought, ahhhh.... the 73's will be fine with a 350. Better mileage when not towing too.

    Dumb, dumb,dumb... Had I known then what I know now...


  10. KS_Grasscutter

    KS_Grasscutter LawnSite Gold Member
    Messages: 3,335

    I pull a 12' single axle trailer with a ZTR and all the trimmers and such with a ranger. It is a 2002, 2wd., 3.0 v6. Trailer has no brakes, but as long as i drive resonablly it stops it just fine. It will go almost 60 on the highway, but I dont ever go faster then 50 on the highway, and not usually more then 30 in town...I place a high importance in being able to stop, with the high levels of moron drivers in town here:hammerhead: . I know, it is not the best setup, but for what i have to do, it works just fine. But, my next truck will probablly be a 3/4 ton. The main thing that sucks about the ranger is i cant haul much grass in it.


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