how much turf can a 2.5 gal

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by angnak, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. angnak

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    jug of the roundup pro cover? Also, can you use a sprayer that connects to a hose or just a pump sprayer? This is for a friend of mine's yard. I have never dealt with roundup and told him I would ask you guys.

  2. Mowing Freak

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    What has worked for me is, 3oz per gallon which is kind of a strong mix, and lightly spray grass or plants, you don't need the spray to be running off the plant and on the ground as that does you no good. Round-up is immediately neutralized as soon as it hits the dirt. You may have to mix it a little stronger for woody type plants if you don't get a good kill on them. 2.5 gal of spray is a lot of spray that if applied right will kill acres of grass. Read the instructions and they will fill you in on more information, and no, it won't make you a sissy for reading the instructions for spray, they are actually helpful! Dont use a hose end sprayer, use a pump up and get some dye if you can as that will help you see where your spray is going. Normally, grass should be safe to walk on 2-3hrs after spraying depending on temperature.
  3. Runner

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    Roundup? What is it? What is the concentrate? Step 1. Read the label. Step 2. Read the again if you're still not sure about something. Step 3 Read the label again for a specific area of info that you need.
  4. wanabe

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    Why are you spending big $ on roundup? Find yourself some Clearout 41 and use 1 quart a acre, or added to 10 gallons water. All you need is a mist, as one drop will kill anything. This stuff runs $11.99 GL and is just a generic roundup that works better in my view,
  5. angnak

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    Thanks guys. WOW! I never thought to read the label, Runner. On the label in the area about lawn renovation it does not state how much to use. Would you guys have any other reccomendations for a total killing of grass and weeds? We don't have acres to kill, just a few thousand sq. ft. What sizes does that clearout come in and where do you get it?
  6. Runner

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    If you are using the regular concentrate, otherwise known as the concentrate plus, it is mixed at 3 oz. per gallon, and the turf area needs to be completely wet. A quart will make approx. 10 gallons.
    If you are using the super concentrate, (41% glyphosate), you will mix 2 1/2 ox. per gallon and a quart will make up to 21 gallons. 21 gallons will cover about 1/4 acre. It's on the me. This is where I just got this from, (even though I know it by heart) lol. I hope this helps.
  7. lawnmaniac883

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    Dude, 2.5 gals of roundup pro is going to kill that area 10X's over. 128oz/gal X 2.5 = 320 oz. 320/2.5 = 128 gals of the you really need all of that?
  8. Precision

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    Yeah, I was gonna say the whole lawn, then the neighbor's lawn, then the rest of the block. Espeically if applied on a nice windy day.
  9. Runner

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    LOL...I wasn't even LOOKING at the 2.5 gallon part, either....Actually, it is much cheaper if you go to your agricultural outlet. You can get the 100 gallon and 300 gallon shuttles cheaper. :laugh:
  10. MMLawn

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    Just a hunch.....but something tells me that you don't "really" have the 15 years experience in the LCO business that your profile states you do..... ;)

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