How much watering is really needed???

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by lawnman33, Apr 24, 2005.

  1. lawnman33

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    Ok I have a standard lawn in sunny Georgia. It's got little shade mostly direct sunlight. Plus I am going to palnt allot of fresh new bermuda grass to fill in all the bare spots. My question is how little watering is needed? Let's say I have a dry week, no rain from Sunday to Sunday. How many days should I water. I am thinking every other day, maybe four times during a seven day week, or perhaps I can get away with three or less? Your thoughts? :blob3:
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    Twicw a week to 2"depth,new grass,twice a day just enough to keep it moist,don't know what you have for watering system so difficult to tell you.
  3. lawnman33

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    from Georgia
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    I have the old fashioned type sprinkler, that shoots several streams of water across, and goes back and forth. Not sure what it's called.
  4. ztoro

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    get yourself one of those little watering tractors... Turn it on and it slowly drives across your yard following the path of the hose....
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    Ok, for fun, I'm going to give the "agronomic" answer. You water deeply and do not water again until it dries back out. In most soils, it takes about 1" of water to saturate 12" deep (that old acre foot from school :) ) Only about 1/2 that water is plant available. I recomend to my customers that they water aproximately 1/2" of equivalent precip each time they water. Because monitoring until that soil is dry defeats the purpose of automatic water, I give guidelines like this:
    If Temps are mid 80's or less - water every 4 days.
    If we are still in the "wet" part of the season and temps are still cool, every 5 days or manually as needed.
    If Temps aproach 90 or above, we go to every 3 days. Here in KS, I can keep grass growing well enough to make the mow guy not like me, even in a typical August watering every 3rd day at this rate. Most rotor zones are nozzled to require 45-60 min or run time to achieve this 1/2" of precip. Spray heads, depending on variety and nozzle, will match this in less than 20 minutes. Van's much less, fixed nozzles in about that. Your average hose end Lawn sprinkler without overlapping coverage will do the 1/2" in around 30 minutes. And yes, if you don't have a sprinkler system, I like the lawn tractors. Very efficient.

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