how much would you bid to mow 33 acres?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by agent walker, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. agent walker

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    A local college is accepting bids for mowing 2 large flat areas of lawn. One is approx 10 acres, the other 23. its all flat, smooth ground, they aerate and roll it every year. There is no weed eating, and very few objects to mow around. When it was bid out a few years ago, most the bids were around $17-18 per acre, but a lowballer got it for around $11 per acre! I have 2 26hp walker mowers with 74 in decks and a 60in exmark. I'm not really sure I want the job, cause it will take most they day for 2 guys. All my equipment is paid for. And I pay insurance and taxes and workmans comp. I'm curious what you all would bid on a job like this??
  2. KS_Grasscutter

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    I'd probably bid it at 20 an acre, u should be able to do around 3 acres an hour with each of those mowers, thus getting 60 dollars per man hour.
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  3. orangemower

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    Id let the lowballer keep it. You'll waste your time figuring out what to charge and more then like not get it.
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  4. DoetschOutdoor

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    Yea, screw that...lets say $350 is what you could get it for. 2 laborers at at least $10 an hour (not even counting the other legit fees) would be $160, add in fuel and everything else, SCREW THAT!
  5. weeze

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    33x20= $660

    i would say $25 per acre or walk. $825

    or you could just say $750 and you will do it. not sure what that is per acre.
  6. Fireguy97

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    Why are you worried about what the bid went for a couple of years ago? Are you in business to just 'get the work', or to make money? $11 x 33 acres divided by 2 man days equals $22.68 per hour - net. Will you make money at that price?

    Decide if you want to compete against a two year old price, or do you want to make money?

    Bid the job to make money for your company and yourself. You already have a price in mind for what you want to bid. It's not going to take a lot more of your time to put it on paper and submit the price. If you don't get the job, move on and make money other places.

  7. djagusch

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    Figure your costs, overhead, and desired profit margin and turn it in. Worse case is you don't get it. Best case you get it at your desired price.
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  8. gebby

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    $1,650.00 Thats with the discount.
  9. Glenn Lawn Care

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    I wouldn't even waste my time!! $11 thats effing insane!
  10. SouthSide Cutter

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    Just depends on how fast you can mow it. Say you got a rig that can mow it in three hrs. 300 would be 100 a hr. A pretty good size dozer is cheaper than that. A 100000.00 tri axle dump truck is only 75 to 85 a hour also.

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