how much would you bid to mow 33 acres?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by agent walker, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. JB1

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    i like your thinking, i'd be pulling down $150 an hour.
  2. agent walker

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    well the guy that had been doing had his family working for him so i'm pretty sure he didn't have workmens comp and probably didn't pay them much. He had cancer and died rather suddenly last year, and i'm not sure if they're keeping on the mowing biz or not. There's absolutely no way I would mow it for 11 an acre! to fireguy i'm definitely in it to make money, not just to work. I do know at this point there are no other bids and the bid needs turned in by march. I was thinking 20-25 an acre and figure it will take 2 guys 4.5-5hrs
  3. Flex-Deck

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    Here in SE Iowa, I bid a 41 acre area at $700 and it was high. I think around here, 25-35/acre depending on obstacles works up to around the 5 acre size, but as the size increases, the $/acre bid needs to go down a bit, and in reality it should. One unload - mowers are running 100% of the time. I could have done quite alright on the 41 acre bid (Two of my mowers would have taken about 6 hrs.), but maybe the person that is now doing it does ok. This is a free market system. I have a nice clientel and am doing fine. Some day that 41 acre place may run out of bids lower than $700 and we will be doing it.
  4. TXLWN

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    It should take you about 3hrs give or take half an hr if you are doing it on a weekly-every other week basis. I think $15per acre is good.....$500 bucks, comes out to about $50 per man hr. Now if the job is only once per month or something I wouldnt even bid on it.
  5. agent walker

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    it's every week during growing season, or as needed if it gets to dry in summer
  6. wintergreen82

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    We would bid this at $400 if it was on our route but we have a 16 ft Jacobsen and would be there for 1.5 hours max for 1 man. You figure this machine does three to four times the work of a 60" mower. My personal opinion is leave these big properties to the companies with the bigger equipment. I am a little biased in that opinion but you will end up creating more head ache for yourself. We used to do a 55 acre school district and was out bid by 60 percent. It took us 5 hours total with 3 and the new company bid it and it takes 3 of them 2 full days. Its up to you but they can be more head ache than good.
  7. agent walker

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    I do have 2 mowers with 74" deck but It will take 2 guys close to half day as best I can estimate. I'm not sure what other jobs i'll get yet this year, if I didn't get many I could take it on, but if i can get a bunch of smaller ones it would pay better. I'm definetly not bidding it cheap!
  8. gqnine44

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    Wow. If I got prices like u guys are quoting I Defitley would not be in this business.

    33 acres?! 3 hours?! 500?! Seriously?

    I think that's gonna take 3 guys a long time to mow. My price would be well over a thousand bucks.

    I wouldn't get the job and I think I would be fine with that.
  9. TXLWN

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    Not trying to knock on you gqnine but it really doesn't take long to mow acreage like that, it's a whole different ball game than
    Mowing residential acreage. Its easy to knock out 10 acres per hr with three 60" zero turns at 60% efficiency
    As long as you are mowing on weekly intervals. That job would profit me $200 dollars in under 4 hrs after labor and overhead
    costs when priced at 500
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  10. Procut lawn expert

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    it may be paid for but it want last forever .. you are going to have to make the money to buy more mowers somewhere .. i get more than 300 for 17 acres . you do have so much a hr to put back for equipment ,fuel and what ever else may break through the year ..i put more than 11. a hr up for my equipment yea mine is paid for but when i have to go buy four new mowers i want them to be paid for to ..but you know its all up to you ,you are the one doing the work if you feel that your work is not worth no more than that go for it

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