how much would you bid to mow 33 acres?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by agent walker, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. Mahoney3223

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    I'm currently bidding a property that's 35 acres. So I feel the pain of the OP trying to figure out if its worth it. Guess we'll see when the bids go in.
  2. agent walker

    agent walker LawnSite Senior Member
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    Let me know what it goes for. I just bid it @ 28 an acre and am pretty sure I won't get it. But that's fine.
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  3. stevenf

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    I am right at $1,650.00 myself. You guys are way to low!!! If I had a few wider ztr's I could see dropping it to $$1,200.00
  4. green jeans 509

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    I understand different areas charge different prices but what the *^&* how can anybody or myself be missing this. I run a 48 walker yes i know its slow ive had some experiences with the fast stand behinds 54 in but it would take me 1 hour going 5 mph with the walker to mow (landscaped) 1 acre of grass 43,500 sqft or whatever it is and you could probably say 45-50 min with a stand behind. I know for a fact that the bigger lawn companys around here charge $180 for 1 acre mow and trim and personally I charge 120 mow and trim or $99 just to mow what can I possibly be missing or how on earth could someone charge even $20 an acre people slam lowballers on here all the time but if I could sub out all my work based even on $50 an acre I sh!t you not I promise I would be richer than anyone one here or in my area period. My avg lawn is 15k sqft of grass and my avg price is $45+tx. So can somebody please tell me what could I possibly be missing. Would I touch 33 acres? Yes! For absolutly anything less than $2640 + tax put the contract in front of me and not a chance in the world would I take it after overhead, paying employees and myself plus the very soon replacement of the equipment not worth it.
  5. mslawn

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    33 acres, $500 bucks. Wow. No wonder I have yet to get any new contracts this year.
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  6. agent walker

    agent walker LawnSite Senior Member
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    the other way to look at it is one guy can mow 3.5 to 4.5 acres per hour, thats still $98-126 per hour. Just curious how much some of you are charging an hour, and what kind of overhead you have that requires that kind of cost to cover expense. around here i think the equipment dealership is only charging $75 an hr and the mower dealer is @ 60 or 65.
  7. green jeans 509

    green jeans 509 LawnSite Member
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    Agent walker my overhead is about $28 ph and try to pay myself $30 ph after taxes obviously not so much. Given your name I am curious to if you run a walker? If so how is it possible to mow 3.5-4.5 acres ph with 1 guy. I was looking at a navigator that is 2mph faster than a walker and claims 3 something acres ph. As I stated it would take me 1 hour to mow 1 acre of grass at least. I dont have any straight wide open yards but how is it possible?
  8. agent walker

    agent walker LawnSite Senior Member
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    Yes I run 2 09 walker ghs 26hp efi. They both have speedup kits and 74in side discharge decks. There's no way I'd do 33 acres with catching decks!
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  9. 2brothersyardcare

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    i have 2 48 wbs and a 60 inch z so it would be some were around a day idk im just guessing maybe 5-6 hours with trimming. 1800 sounds fair to me
  10. Modieken

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    i charge 35 an acre for one of our accounts but some parts of it are quite steep and the best you can do with a 74 inch walker is around an acre and a half an hour or a little less

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