How much would you charge per application for 110,000 square feet?

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by PKLIP, Aug 18, 2017.

  1. AGRinATX

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    Mine are spot sprays. Large amounts of dallisgrass are an immediate surcharge/rec for resold.
  2. All Season Bill

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    No ! Your regular broadleaf weed control will not control those weeds and should not be inluded in the price. On small residential lawns I might spritz a nutsedge here and there or maybe some crabgrass but if you have a large lawn with nutsedge or crabgrass galore, you need to charge for those post emergents. At least $10 per 1000, and I'm cheap.
  3. RigglePLC

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    Nutsedge is optional--turgren does not include such sprays, in my experience--even as an option. Maybe its different nowadays.
    I guess they do not trust their drivers to know how to mix up a batch of Sedgehammer in a hand sprayer. Their guys usually have the minimum pesticide training acceptable in their state. They can spray chemicals only under the supervision and pesticide certification of their manager.
  4. PKLIP

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    I saw a lawn yesterday where the homeowner had Trugreen and it was full of nutsedge, such an eyesore! You can see it from a 100 feet away, really makes the lawn look bad.
  5. ProGroLawns

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    I wish we could purchase Herbivore. However its illegal for lawn use. Same exact thing as Sedgehammer only you get 20oz for a little over $300. At that price you could tank mix.
  6. AGRinATX

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    One of our biggest selling points is that we include sedge treatment in our base pricing. There's so much of it in the builder sod that we tank mix it with our broadleaf control and go to town.

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