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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by RLS2005, Nov 12, 2005.

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    I know that these types of threads are started alot, so I apologize for starting another one. But it is my very first big commercial bid and dont want to shoot myself in the foot by bidding way too low. I know that this is not alot of info but if you guys could give me some round numbers it would be appreciated, at least I will know if I am even in the right ballpark with my figure.


    The entire property from what I am told sits on about 25 acres. But this is including all 112 houses and driveways and streets. From my guesstimate the actual cutting surface is about 15-17 acres. The cutting is pretty straightforward most of it being fields. Very little front yards. I will be using 2 ZTR's 48" Exmark and 60" Exmark and possibly 48" walkbehind (very little areas need the walkbehind).

    The trimming for the houses I would think would take approximately 8-10 man hours (maybe less). Even though there are alot of houses, the trimming is pretty straightforward. Basically mostly curblines, and around the houses, not much stuff in the middle of yards.

    And I guess lastly I would think there would be a fair amount of blowing off, I guess worst case scenario, about 1-2 man hours of blowing off all driveways and curblines (using handhelds or backpack).

    Overall, my guesstimate would be that a 3 man crew should be able to do it b/w 8-10 hours. Given the little specifics that I have given you guys, am I way off on this??

    The development is only about 15-20 minutes away from me, so very little drive time to get there. And then once there, no more drive time till end of day. Any feedback would be really appreciated. Kinda nervous about taking this pretty big step. Thanks.

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    Yep it could be done in 24-30 man hrs. or it could be triple that amount of time. Need pictures!
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    Bid it around $100per hr for the 3 guys
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    i would think with 3 ztr and 3 guys lease $100 to $150 hrs ..ask how much the other lawn service was charging them and go from there,,,im sure they want you to have insured and Lic # $$$$
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    Thanks for the reply guys, I am basically coming in where you guys have said. I I bid the property at $950 per cut. I kind of heard through the grape vine that the last company was doing it for b/w $825-850. I wasnt sure if I was just told that so that they could get a better price. I just couldnt bring myself to come lower than that. It is just too many houses and too much land. Using rough figures, after expenses I should still take home about $600-$650 for the day. I figured that w/less wear and tear on my truck, that would be a pretty good days work. Also the contract comes with mulching twice a year (approximately 35 yards each time) and playground mulch(approximately 40 yards) once a year. There is a good amount of profit there too, which makes it more worth while for me.

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