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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Dunn's, May 10, 2006.

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    One of our customers is asking us to put up a castle wall rock for them. We believe that it will take about 10 hours or so. She hasn't let us know yet but it will either be:

    378 Small Size Retaining Wall Rocks at $1.09 each
    255 Medium Size Retaining Wall Rocks at $1.54 each
    189 Large Size Retaining Wall Rocks at $4.49 each
    (these prices are all from Home Depot)

    and we also have to use leveling sand which is $3.18 each bag

    We still have to make a profit off of the rocks themselves, how much would you charge for your labor and profit? We don't want to completely rip off these people, we have had them for quite a while and they always pay on the day that we service their yard and we have never had a problem with them, they are very nice people.

    Oh also, with a big paying job like this one should you ask for a down payment to get started? We were thinking of starting to do that, ask for a down payment of between 10% to 25% plus a signing of a contract. Any input on any of this would be great!
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    Typically, I get half to start and the other upon completion. I have heard the going rate is materials x 2.2 or there about. Using the small rocks as an example...materials ($412.02 x 2.2= $906.44) then the same with your sand ( I forgot to add that in) Good Luck!

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